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sunday afternoon covered in pastel

September 4, 2011

Seems if I am not doing birds, I am doing faces.  Here is a Sunday afternoon sketch in pastel pencil.

This sketchbook paper didn’t really have enough “tooth” to hold layers of pastel so I was rubbing the pastel in to the point of making my fingers raw making it overly blended (I know I shouldn’t use my fingers, toxic pigments and all, I did switch to a stump after a while…), but the scan made the image a bit more grainy than the original.

I hope you all have  a great holiday tomorrow.  Don’t labor too much!

learning to make do

August 3, 2011

I want so much to take a printmaking course and buy a press.  (If  I am telling you my wants, I might as well add that I also want a tapestry loom and and the space to place a tapestry loom and a press!)  For now, I will have to make do with the supplies I do have, in the space available.  I do have watercolors, ink pens and pastels so I decided to try to get the look of a print.  Not so sure I achieved that goal, perhaps I was carried away with darkening the background for that effect, although they look lighter and more consistent in the originals.  I like the carried away effect of the ink lines.  And there is no duplicating of the imprint the plate makes on a print.  I love that imprint!

Le Coq was done from fellow blogger, Jennifer’s photo of a rooster.  You can see it here.  These are done on approx. 11×17 sheets of paper.

Blue Ribbon Nest II

May 18, 2011

My watercolor needed punch so I added pastel and ink.  I am not the purist I use to be.  Compare this to my thread painting here.  I think I like the tread painting more.  The thread painting  sold, which I am very happy about, but it may also be the first time I really miss something I created.

Snow Day 2

January 11, 2011

My very talented friend, Carol Massey, has for the past two days motivated some of her artist friends with an email asking how they intended to spend their snow day confinement.   Just being asked how you intend to spend your day is motivation to do something and not just piddle the day away.  Carol managed to create a wonderful pastel portrait yesterday and it was inspirational.

This painting was done mostly in watercolour but has a goodly amount of pastel and gesso on it too.  The base watercolor of a building (can you see it?) had been done perhaps 5 years ago and the woman was added today.

Can’t wait to see how Carol inspires me tomorrow!

This and That

April 10, 2010

My pastel received an honorable mention at the Rome Art Coterie!!!  I was honored and pleased;  it was in great company!  The juror was there and explained why she chose the top 8.  It was very informative, a little awkward (I just don’t handle compliments very well) and quite satisfying.  Maybe I am an artist after all….

Yesterday was spent doing fun stuff with the First Friday Play artists.  We made floor cloths (or doggie placemats because it won’t cover much floor).    All it needs now is 5 coats of polyurethane.And for you readers (I know there are at least two!) in the Cherokee County, Georgia area, go by and get a cup of coffee at It’s a Grind in Holly Springs.  You will get a great cup of coffee AND get to see some birds and bugs I have painted over the last few months.  You have seen most of them here but this is your chance to see them in person!  Susan Wright hung the paintings on the wall in close to perfect symmetry placing my favorite moth in the middle.

Collaborative Effort

August 26, 2009

It is not too often I would hand my pastel over to someone and say “want to have a go?”, but this is exactly what I did a couple of nights ago to my daughter.  I had started this portrait and she was standing over my shoulder.  I could hear her mentally critiquing it  and I thought, why not just let her “fix” it?  She put her talents to work and improved the likeness.  After she had two days on which to work on it, I  took back over and added my final 2 cents worth.  Suzannah hasn’t seen it yet, wonder what she will say….

You may notice one image is upside down.  This is a good exercise to do with your paintings and drawings while you are observing them.  Usually, any major errors in form and color will be glaring right at you this way.  It also helps with composition.  If your composition doesn’t work upside down, it probably isn’t working right side up either.   This trick  usually works when you observe your work thru a mirror too.  I don’t know what mirror image upside down does to a painting!  Sometimes, I like my work better upside down.  Such is the case here!

This was done in pastel on the block printed linen from a few posts back.




12″x18″  pastel on linen

Two days later and still using pastels

August 12, 2009

Not much to say today, just wanted to show you the latest painting on my easel. 



12″x 16″   pastel on printed linen

The Profile

July 15, 2009

When I was taking classes in portraiture,views  looking toward the model’s face were always the most desirable.  Why is it then that all my portraits seem to be of the profile?  Perhaps I am not assertive enough.

     This is a portion of a portrait of a class model done several years ago.



20″x30″     pastel on mi-teints paper


This is from an old black and white photograph again.  I like painting from old photos because then I only have to get the drawing right.  I can do any ol’ color I want and who will know the difference.


 Girl in Black Hat

8″x10″   oil on canvas

And one of my favorite artists, John Singer Sargent, did his most famous portrait of Madame X (considered scandalous when it was presented to the Salon in Paris).  The woman was Madame Gautreau.  She was “high society” and was influenced by her peers to hate this painting.  There is a great book called “Strapless: John Singer Sargent and The Fall of Madame X” by Deborah Davis that goes into this story.  It was perhaps the most enjoyable non-fiction book I have ever read.

There is a waitress at a restaurant we frequent who, surely, must be a direct descendant of  Madame X.  She has this exact profile.

I dared not try to copy the whole painting but I did attempt to copy her face. 


Madame X’s Profile

8×8  acrylic on canvas

It is time I did something

July 14, 2009

So my something is to follow the crowd and start a blog.  Specifically to show some of my art.  This goes against my nature so any encouragement you give will be greatly appreciated.

My first piece to share.  A portrait.  Faces are about the only constant in my art.  The medium of choice changes with the hour, but I love observing  faces.  Each is beautiful and so unique.  This face came from an old black and white photogragh of a young woman.  I think she now looks end-of-the-day tired.  Something I am very familiar with. 




5″x7″ pastel on pastel board