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Bits and Pieces

November 16, 2009

I collect paper.  One glance around my studio and you would agree.  I like doing things with paper, especially cutting it.  After the paper has morphed into whatever… I have no idea what to do with it, so I end up with a large collection of paper. 

I’ve been going thru stuff and have culled out some bits and pieces.  Thought I would share them with you.

Paper snowflakes hand cut from 4″squares of paper, misted with red paint.  The natural one and the really dark red one have been coated in beeswax.  Makes them translucent, less fragile and they smell nice.  I cut several of these last year and wired them onto my Christmas tree.  Lights reflecting off the wax is very pretty.

Artist Trading Cards which I have never traded.  Some kind soul once felt sorry for me and gave me one of hers but these (the only ones I have ever created) didn’t exist at the time.  That one plus these means I have 6 ATC’s.  My favorite part of these (which doesn’t show very well in the photo) is that I punched tiny holes in them and then used embroidery floss and simple stitches to border and accent.  The faces are printed copies of my watercolour faces. 

Fern silhouettes and a little sitting girl cut from computer collaged paper and waxed with beeswax.

 Silhouettes in black.

  A linocut print and watercolor of the same face. 

A hand cut paper doily.  Sometimes I have too much time on my hands.

 A paper doll made into a card.

Another card with a cut silhouette.   I guess I can do something with those pieces.  Sometimes.


September 20, 2009



Three wooden characters created while on a vacation a few years ago. 

The pieces looked like the discards swept up from some toy manufacturer’s floor.  They saw me coming and put a $30 price tag on a bucket full of these.  To be honest though, my kids and I milked a week’s worth of entertainment (at least I did, not sure they would agree) making these figures by just gluing the bits together!


Liking the images, I carved stamps of them.  Stamping the girls and a few flowers on reproductions of old postcards, I colored them and printed them  onto laser printable cotton fabric to create these small quilted pieces.


Junior Leaguer     6″x9″  



Party Girl     6″x9″



Cool Cat   6″x9″

I think I probably got my money’s worth.