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Keep your HB pencils for test taking…

August 12, 2012

My son has discovered drawing and is quite good at it.  Well, he really has always been good at it but lately he has been drawing more and doing more of most anything makes you better.  Looking at his drawing made me want to draw using graphite alone, something I don’t do much of.  Here is the result…

Another face with some weird hat done from an old black and white photo.  Image size is 8″x8″, done on bristol board.

I have lots of pencils.  Every art/drafting class I have taken since college days, I would buy more pencils.  My father-in-law would give us pencils from his pickings at farm/estate sales.  Some pencils somehow found their way into my studio.  I drew this using two of those pencils, a 4H (about the hardest lead you can find) and an Ebony (about the softest lead you can find).  So why do they make all those in-between pencils?

Back in the days of board drafting, we didn’t use pencils.  We used lead holders and leads.  The leads were thicker than those in mechanical pencils and required a little “lead sharpener” to sharpen them (which you constantly had to do).  Most old school drafters will still have their lead holders and lead sharpeners tucked away in some drawer, now useless reminders of days gone by.

One of the most memorable compliments I ever received involved pencil work.  A drafting professor told me I should not be using pen and I was using pencil.  What kind of compliment is that, you say?  It meant I was getting a crisp, smudge-free, even line and I took that as a compliment.  I said memorable compliment…not necessarily best compliment!