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One potato…

July 26, 2010

I am pleased to say that I have actually had a couple of people ask what have I been doing lately so I thought I would post something.  Anything.

This little towhee is in colored pencil and is about 4″ long.

This bigger towhee is done in fabrics and is about 12″ long.

I created it with the idea of placing it in an art quilt.  I struggle with the background.  I have already ruled out two efforts.  I like the bird enough to try to get it right.  I placed it on a simple, colorless background and realized it needed more vibrancy.  I placed it on a tree and realized that  makes it look too traditionally picturesque.  I hope it will find a home in my next placement.

I am very much inspired by the art of Annemieke Mein.  I ordered her book thru Amazon and have been devouring it since its arrival.  I am very impressed by the large scale of her work and also the amount of research she puts into a piece.  It is amazing work.

Another artist whose talent is enviable is Karin Franzen.  Worth a trip to her site.

But, this is what I have really been doing.  Watching a potato sprout.  I haven’t had the heart to throw it away.  Looks like an evolving creature from the black lagoon.  Showing my true self now…..

IF is Double this week.  Think a duplicated image fits???



February 14, 2010

For Illustration FridayAdrift.  An exercise in idleness, something I don’t really have time for at the moment .  But what better way to spend St. Valentine’s Day than to be idle.  Hmmm, wonder how this differs from most evenings.  I guess this is an advantage to not having young children.   Your evenings are your own.

I have a confession.  I love plastic, mechanical toys.  I have bought  hippos, horses, ducks, elephants, frogs and more under the pretense of gifts for my son and daughter but the truth is,  I cannot pass them by.  The simplicity of  pulling a string or twisting a knob to make something move is just brilliant.  No batteries or electricity or computer chip needed. The Flying Pig, Yamaha Paper Craft and Canon Creative Craft all  have mechanical paper toys (and other stuff) you can download to print and make yourself.   Takes a bit of time but so worth the smile that comes to your face when you actually see your toy work.

Call me a Luddite if you like.


January 2, 2010

The word for Illustration Friday  today on January 1, 2010 is renewal.  These little illustrations show renewal in many ways.  Our resources must be renewable (represented by the fish for consumed goods and food, and by the egret as a reminder to take care of the only planet we have).  It is mandatory that our faith be renewed daily (represented by the little bird, why do birds make me think Christ?).  The children remind me of the constant renewal of curiosity and desire.  And these small silhouettes are reused book pages, colored with pencils, giving the falling apart books renewed life.  (I would never cut into a perfectly good book!) 

Okay, so I am overly sentimental today in my post.

I pray that 2010 brings you joy and contentment.


December 9, 2009

For Illustration Friday.

This started out as a watercolour.  It made for a fairly boring watercolour so I photoshopped it until I had an composition and image I liked. 

Nothing crunchier than a copse of carrots.