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nest egg #4

January 16, 2013

For the last couple of years, I have had, in one corner of my studio, a jumbled mess (actually the whole studio is a jumbled mess, hence this blog’s name).  But I am tired of looking at this particular mess.  I have been saving twigs and raffia to make another nest egg, this one for me since the first 3 were given away.  I made it tonight.


That corner is now clean.  I have retired from nest building.

Last night was spent sketching on scrap paper.


I am trying to get in the habit of creating daily.  Bunny and eggs, I think I am also ready for spring.


Cutting Silhouettes

October 20, 2012

I haven’t cut silhouettes in some time but I spent some time looking on eBay at silhouettes, thinking I want to hang some on my stairway wall with other black and white stuff.  I want vintage but true-cut silhouettes of individuals, not the fake 18th century ones mass produced.  I really know nothing of them, but I figured if they come in pairs of male and female with big powdered wigs, they probably aren’t done by a silhouette artist sitting on the street or at a department store cutting profiles for Mother’s Day gifts.  (My own love of silhouettes began when I happened to be in the children’s department of Rich’s when my kids were little and there was a woman cutting silhouettes.  I had her cut ones of  my kids and they are one of my favorite possessions.)

I pulled out black and white paper (you cut looking at the white paper, it is really hard to see what you are doing on the black paper).  Just using the scissors (no drawing allowed!), cut the profile of the person you are looking at.  Even though I long ago lost my silhouette scissors, I was pleased to see that I am not so out of practice considering how long it has been since I have done this and I had to use a crafting pair of scissors.

One of these is Ken, can you tell which?


For fun, I cut a bride and groom silhouettes of my lovely young friends, Joseph and Adrianne who recently got married.  These don’t really do them justice, but I thought they were so fun.


Here is a bird I did a while back.  I put it on an old photograph mount, wish I had more of those.

And here is a vintage silhouette I paid a dollar or so for.  It is so small and very finely cut.


Don’t bug me!

November 19, 2011

Do you ever feel that way?    I remember one day  in the car with husband and two youngish bickering kids, I closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears and wondered how Helen Keller got to be so lucky.

It was a fleeting moment.

Here is the bug that made me think of that moment.  I drew him this week in pen and ink and then used colored pencils.  This is in my latest Moleskine.  The paper is the most wonderful receptacle for colored pencils.  They were so fluid and blend-able.  Makes me wonder exactly what the paper is.

This evening, I drew a butterfly, put some watercolor on it and then collaged paper all over it.  The paper came from the 4th holiday catalog this month from Pottery Barn.  I can’t believe that they can’t come up with a better advertising campaign than to send out un-requested catalogs but I guess it is keeping the printers and mailman employed.  And that is a good thing.  Hope the paper is recycled though!

I have never really liked doing collage (I have never really “understood” it altho’ I have liked many I have seen) but I had so much fun last week doing those faces I wanted to do more.   Always good to push yourself, right!?

This butterfly is about 7″x11″.  I wonder what a layer of beeswax would do to it…

Evolution of a Bird (paper sculpture)

July 21, 2011

Inspired by watching David Attenborough’s “The Life of Birds”,  motivated by the desire to work three dimensionally, and restricted by supplies on hand and the ability of my hands, I set out to create a paper bird.  I was really inspired by some beautiful birds in paper, cloth, felt and maybe even feathers I have seen recently online but David and his birds made great accompaniment as I worked.

This albino crow was done by creating a simple wire armature, tearing paper and tying it to the armature or other bits of paper.  I used a waxed heavy thread bought for bookbinding but I think it is a little too heavy looking.  I switched to cotton quilting thread and started a wren.  Both are torn from inexpensive watercolor paper but I painted the paper I used on the wren.  I probably could have spent more time on depth of color, etc.,  but remember I wanted to work in 3D so I hurriedly covered the paper in watercolor already on my palette.

I have discovered  my fingers lack the dexterity to tie knots anymore.  (Where did it go?  Is it a sure sign of aging?!!!!)  So I gave up on the thread and knot tying and returned to the much easier task of applying glue with a paintbrush.  I can still hold a paintbrush.  Heaven help me if I ever lose that!

The crow is 5″ tall and 11″ long.  The wren is 6.5″ to tip of its tail and 6.5″ tall.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  It’s just too bad you have to spend all day in the kitchen. 

If you have a chance, maybe you can sweet talk someone into cooking and spend  time with the kids in your family making turkeys.  These are from Plum Pudding here  (which I saw on The Crafty Crow, a great site for children’s crafts) and I think they are just as cute as can be.  We made them in Children’s Church Sunday and talked about what we can be thankful for and to Whom we give thanks.  Not sure 3,4 and 5 year olds totally grasp the concept but they liked the turkeys!

I am truly thankful for children.  God knew what He was doing.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Gotta go preheat the oven, may not be back for a few days…

Paper Cuts

October 6, 2009


Because I have had some architectural work to do the last couple of days, no artistic work is being done.  (There is good argument that architecture is art, but these days there is good argument against it too.) And as funny Ogden Nash states

O money, money, money, I’m not necessarily one of those who think thee holy,

But I often stop to wonder how thou canst go out so fast when thou comest in so slowly

Here is some cut paper done within the last year (or maybe two, time goes as quickly as money!).  If you are awed by all the cut paper art you are seeing these days, it is easier then it looks.  Draw your pattern on paper first, staple it (in the negative spaces) to the finished paper and cut with tiny scissors and an exacto knife.  Avoid cutting away the stapled pattern until the very end.   Use copyright free images and cut around them for great silhouettes.  It isn’t always easy and it is frequently tedious, but  most people could do it  if they so desired.  And cut paper is so tres chic!





I would hope you would find my architectural work art were you to see it.  We  try hard but usually don’t have control over the final product.

Simple Pleasures

July 16, 2009

Have you ever thought about what brings you pure pleasure? 

I get pleasure from the simplest stuff.  Paper, scissors and an exacto knife.  Who needs rocks!  One can model, fold and cut a piece of paper and create such works of art.  These “ones” are especially able to do that.  Take a look at their sites.


Me, I can model, fold and cut and it is just pure pleasure and wholesome entertainment.

Lately, I have been practicing cutting silhouettes so that I can begin my happy golden years sitting on the sidewalk at Disney World.  The traditional way to cut a silhouette is to take a piece of paper in one hand and scissors in the other and look at the the subject while cutting.  No lamps or shadows are involved.  I have cheated though and taken pictures of profiles to use for cutting.  Digital cameras are wonderful for this.  Delete the picture quickly after cutting and no one will know you have cheated.

Here are a few of mine.  They range from 2 1/2″ to 4″ high.


Only 2,000 or so more to go before I qualify to apply at Disney World.

Oh, and did you recognize Madame X in these?