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origami butterflies

October 2, 2012

This weekend, a few wonderful friends sat and listened to me.  And one took action.  For this, I am very grateful.  This is going in her thank you!  (Maybe one very similar, anyway!!!  There must be a secret to getting perfectly curved wire.)

The origami butterflies were done following a you-tube video by Michael LaFosse.

I did the mobile below a year or two ago.  I thought I was so clever to use jewelry making supplies (i.e. beading wire, crimp beads, etc.) to refine it a bit (vs. tying knots).   Using the twig was a little easier than the wire and this butterfly was a simpler origami pattern, but I loved the way it turned out, also.

If you know the secret to the flawless bending of wire, please let me in on it!  I could also use a lesson in taking pictures of mobiles!

stitched cicada on paper

March 11, 2012

Spent some time today doing another stitched paper piece, this time of a cicada.  They are such great insects.  I kept the bug sketchy because I like the colors so much, I didn’t want to obliterate them with solid color on the cicada.

Now to watch J’accuse on Netflix.   I think it is going to require all my attention.  If you haven’t checked them out, look at the art documentaries on Netflix.  I haven’t seen one yet that just didn’t fascinate me.  This one promises to solve the murder in Rembrandt’s Night Watch.  We’ll see…

Don’t bug me!

November 19, 2011

Do you ever feel that way?    I remember one day  in the car with husband and two youngish bickering kids, I closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears and wondered how Helen Keller got to be so lucky.

It was a fleeting moment.

Here is the bug that made me think of that moment.  I drew him this week in pen and ink and then used colored pencils.  This is in my latest Moleskine.  The paper is the most wonderful receptacle for colored pencils.  They were so fluid and blend-able.  Makes me wonder exactly what the paper is.

This evening, I drew a butterfly, put some watercolor on it and then collaged paper all over it.  The paper came from the 4th holiday catalog this month from Pottery Barn.  I can’t believe that they can’t come up with a better advertising campaign than to send out un-requested catalogs but I guess it is keeping the printers and mailman employed.  And that is a good thing.  Hope the paper is recycled though!

I have never really liked doing collage (I have never really “understood” it altho’ I have liked many I have seen) but I had so much fun last week doing those faces I wanted to do more.   Always good to push yourself, right!?

This butterfly is about 7″x11″.  I wonder what a layer of beeswax would do to it…

watercolor as a means of relaxation

October 28, 2011

I am feeling guilty.  I haven’t even looked at this blog since I posted last Friday.  Nothing like a challenge to yourself to scare yourself off …

The truth is, I did work on the piece I said I was going to.  I created a small art quilt in batik fabrics but did not finish it because I just don’t like it.  Basically for the same reason that I did not finish or like the quilt with the wrens.  I may (or may not) work more on it.  I pulled out the wren quilt recently and studied on it a bit in an effort to come up with an idea to make it work.  It is now put back away… and will have company with the quilt from last weekend.

How have I been spending my time?  Well, today, I have been watercoloring.  Nothing of great merit, I have just been practicing my brush strokes.  I’ve got that little bird at the bottom down to 5 strokes (plus beak and legs)!  Now I just have to find something to do with these bits of paper!

Another Cicada

August 5, 2011

paper size – 18.5″x11″

Now to translate this into thread…

learning to make do

August 3, 2011

I want so much to take a printmaking course and buy a press.  (If  I am telling you my wants, I might as well add that I also want a tapestry loom and and the space to place a tapestry loom and a press!)  For now, I will have to make do with the supplies I do have, in the space available.  I do have watercolors, ink pens and pastels so I decided to try to get the look of a print.  Not so sure I achieved that goal, perhaps I was carried away with darkening the background for that effect, although they look lighter and more consistent in the originals.  I like the carried away effect of the ink lines.  And there is no duplicating of the imprint the plate makes on a print.  I love that imprint!

Le Coq was done from fellow blogger, Jennifer’s photo of a rooster.  You can see it here.  These are done on approx. 11×17 sheets of paper.

Where have all the fireflies gone?

July 31, 2011

Last night we went out to catch lightning bugs (or do you call them fireflies?) to no avail.   I saw a very few in the distance but was never able to get close enough to catch one.  Seems like all the lightning bugs have vanished so I googled it to find out if something has indeed happened to the vast numbers I use to see.

We  might be using too much pest control.  The chemicals can be indiscriminate about what they kill.

Or, we might just have too many lights turned on at night.  The bugs like the dark so they can flash for a potential mate.  Now all the streets are lined with  lights and while it may make some feel safer at night, I prefer the night dark.  – Have you ever noticed the number of lights on in your bedroom when you turn off the lamp?  Between 2 alarm clocks, TV gadgets, and the seldom put away iron,  our room is never pitch black.  I spent the night in my sister’s guest room recently (she lives way out in the country).  She didn’t have a clock in the room and no outdoor lights were on.  I think the darkness of the room was instrumental in a deep satisfying sleep. –  

What has that to do with the butterfly?  Nothing.  But I haven’t seen too many butterflies lately either…

Butterfly is free motion embroidery on water soluble stablizer, approx. 7.5″x6″.

long, hot spring nights

May 11, 2011

Each year as the spring temperatures rise, I sweat profusely and sleep fitfully determined to keep the air conditioner off and the windows opened until the first of June.  Each year this gets harder with global warming and menopausal hormones.  So last night in an effort to keep cool, I sketched and painted  in a new journal with the lights out using a little travel set of Winsor Newton pan watercolors.  Didn’t want those bulbs to heat up my studio space*.  Good thing the sun is staying  up longer these days.

Here are my sketches-

a kookaburra,

a parrot,

and a rhino beetle!  Do you know that rhino beetles are pets in parts of Asia according to Wikipedia?  That might be one pet I would mount after its death.

* I have switched the bulbs to fluorescent ones before but the supposed long long life span is only about a month in my fixtures.  Anyone know why?

You say cicada…

February 24, 2011

How do you pronounce cicada?  Long a or short a?  I was using a short a and my daughter kept correcting me saying “si-cay-da”.  I looked it up in the dictionary and while her pronunciation is first, my version is in there, too!

Here is a cicada who doesn’t care what you call it.

I also worked on linen this week and stitched a house for a little chickadee.

These are both done with free motion machine embroidery.