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happy new year!!!

January 21, 2012

A bit late, sorry.  But I am in time for Chinese New Year which is Monday, January 23 this year.  I learned it is a celebration of upcoming spring, I liked that.   I had such plans… none of which I have carried to fruition.   It will all come at some point.  Maybe.  I am trying not to stress over it.

Had some free time this week to do a bit of painting.  (Free time seems so difficult to come by these days.   I can’t catch up much less advance.  This seems to be my continual complaint.  Is this my age????)

These are done in acrylic, on 10″x10″ canvas.

I have been spending too much time on the internet looking at various artists work.  Exposure to so much amazing art is not good for my ego.  I have so far to go!  But looking at other’s art is inspiring also.  After looking at a couple of paintings in a gallery, I am so ready to go home and “try” that!

This is my goal this year.   Spend more time creating narrative compositions.  I enjoy creating these little paintings and stitcheries, but I need to expound to capture a feeling, moment, story, sensation… and to push myself further along.  All encouragement in that direction is welcome!

Summer Afternoon

July 2, 2011

I have had a free day today and I have spent it playing!  I saw a cute little idea here  surfing the web via stumbleupon and/or pinterest, can’t remember which.  My daughter and sister introduced me to these two ways to see cool stuff.  These are small river pebbles (I bought mine a while back at Lowe’s) painted with acrylic ink and varnished.  What a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

I made different words out of these letters (letters limited to a one time use considering I only did one alphabet).  My favorite word based on visual interest only??? Joy.  With such brevity,  an ascender beginning and descender ending, and that balanced little “o” in-between, I think it may be the perfect word without even considering its meaning!

The Morning After

April 18, 2011

The 1st Annual Jasper ArtFest is over and I survived.  My voice did not.   Saturday was cold and so very windy.  While the sun was out, it was bearable, when the clouds covered the sky, it was not.  Sunday was warm and pretty, no complaints there.  Was I successful?  Since I have no comparison, I don’t know, but it was an unique experience and I am thrilled at the number of people who studied the thread pieces and questioned me on how I did that and the one woman who said it was so “contemporary”!  Perhaps, maybe definitely, my confidence level for showing my work has moved up a notch!!!

AND, my booth won second place!  I will take all the ribbons offered!  Here are pictures before the yellow ribbon on the cold very windy day.

Much thanks to  you all who came to see my work and even more to those who bought it!  You’re the best!

taking care of business

February 13, 2011

The business these days is art.  In January, I said I will do  my darn best to stay in the studio and create art.  I am making it my priority and although I still have guilt feelings that I am not doing something “worthwhile”, I am forcing my thoughts differently! I have to ask why that thought is there to begin with, though… it must have be something inherent from our society.  My mother is an artist, she didn’t instill that feeling in me.  Maybe it comes from hearing too many comments like that I read this week on Facebook, “If your talent isn’t enough to sell your work, get a real job.”  This was in response to NPR and National Endowment of the Arts proposed funding cuts.  The problem in the statement is not his opinion, but his use of “real  job.”  It should read “another job.”  This term invalidates art as a viable career choice for all artists, even the wealthy famous ones.   This is the thinking that must change.  Imagine a world without art….printed material done without thought of layout and design, houses built by placing room next to room without thought of presence, children’s literature without pictures, even Google without the fun icons created for special days and people.  Art permeates our world, time we valued its worth.

I have applied to and been accepted to show my art in the first annual Jasper Artfest in Jasper, Georgia during the middle of April! Yay!!!  This means I have to have art to show!!!  Budding new opportunities to anticipate!

This week has been productive.  I am painting small creatures in front of patterned backgrounds that  suggest wallpaper.  The patterns are inspired by various bits and pieces.  Here are a couple painted recently…

These are small paintings, the top is 5×7  and the lower one is 5×5, both are acrylic on canvas.



January 14, 2011

The snow is still quite abundant, underneath a layer of ice, but  the roads are greatly cleared around here and people are thankfully out and about.  But during that time indoors, I decided to make hand painted place mats (something too ambitious for a normal day) and cut, glued the edges back and gave a base coat to canvas.  My thought was to paint birds on them in acrylic, each one slightly different, but I struggled for  a day painting one stupid little bird and gave up.  Instead, I turned to those old photos I keep playing with.

Here are my place mats (minus the protecting polyurethane).

Thelma and T.J.

Dulcia and John

Elizabeth and Thomas

Gomer and Hosea

Three of these couples are ancestors (the top two couples are my grandparents, the third couple is a set of great-great-greats??) but the last couple is adopted.  I saw their photo in a junk/antique shop and paid for them to be in my lineage. Their names are from that infamous couple in the Bible, pictured 50 years after that story. I loved the handholding  for the photo, looks like he is still afraid she’ll run off again.

Here is a shot of how they look on a placemat.  I should have scooted them to the edge a bit more, they are partially covered by a plate!

Wouldn’t they be perfect for a Valentine table?

Still alive and kickin’ (and sewing and painting)

December 2, 2010

I was reminded that I have a blog and when you have a blog you should post occasionally.  My creative pursuits for the last couple of weeks are as follows…

Creating banners for the youth room at church.  These have taken forever to do and are still not finished.  I am making them like floor cloths and they need some polyurethane.  Two down, one to go.

With the cold weather here, I pulled out my rigid heddle loom and wove a pretty (I think) blue scarf out of this marvelous wool yarn.  I love wool.  Still need to get a sheep.  And land for it to graze.

These are a set of napkins onto which I free hand embroidered (by machine) birds from that much used and copied Dover publication of copyright- free Animals.  I see familiar images everywhere.  Funny how all our brains churn in the most similar fashion… usually according to fashion.


I am reminded of an old joke.

What did the father tomato do to the baby tomato  when he was lagging behind?  He stomped on him and said “ketchup!”

Cruel father tomato.  But I am now caught-up.


Subject Matter

July 6, 2010

One of the biggest problems I have is coming up with subject matter.  I want to paint (quilt, stitch, draw, carve, weave…) and my first thought is “what do I paint (quilt, stitch, etc…..)?”  So, I turn to my scans of old photos for inspiration.  This particular photo is of my sister, Donna, when she was 2 or 3.  She has the curliest hair ever and the story goes that she had to have it put into a ponytail or bun.  I don’t remember, I was a baby at the time.

I went to work on this picture.

This is the small color study I did in prismacolor pencils with a little pastel pencil.  I was going for vibrancy in color.

This is the 24″ square acrylic painting done from the color study.  I didn’t even look at the photo at this point, I wasn’t interested in creating a portrait of Donna.  I was more interested in being painterly.

I believe this in a nutshell is why I have such a hard time with calling myself an artist.  I am not so much inspired to paint a subject or express something in a painting as I have the desire to just paint.  Perhaps a career in house painting???

The original photograph was taken by T. J. Eubanks, my grandfather.  He had such crispness in the photo (it is a tiny photograph) and I went and obliterated it.


June 11, 2010

Friday morning with no plans for the weekend.  How lovely does that sound.

I have been working on finishing up those quilts I long ago mentioned.  I hope to show you soon but for now they are a surprise.  Takes time to quilt you know.  But I have played a little also.  This is based on Katherine Allen’s technique I read about in FiberArts magazine.  Very loosely based on it, using the materials I had on hand.  The first picture is a portion of what was done by painting a piece of canvas  and then placing organic collectings from my back yard on it.  With a silk screen, I squeegeed (what would be the correct term?) thinned acrylic paint thru.  Then took it to the sewing machine.  Ms. Allen’s work is so engaging, I wish I could see it in person.  I cropped the best of my piece with a mat (amazing how things look better matted and framed).

This shows almost the entire back side.  See on the left where I cropped my portion.  I like this side.

Hope your weekend is filled with pleasantness.

lessons learned

May 26, 2010

Below, you will see a failed attempt.  But all is not lost because I learned some things from the experience.

I can be manipulative.  With fabric that is.  I quilted a cutting from Ken’s shirt (thanks, Hon) and, after washing it so that it puckered, painted on it with fabric paints and even tried some dye mixes.  I have a lot more to learn about this, but the idea is exciting to me.

I can look at something and decide it doesn’t work, in this case the purple did not work with the blue background.  I added a lot of blue thread to the mix and it helped.  I like the fact that art isn’t all just a natural ability.  You can analyze and determine what a piece needs and fix it.  Erasers are allowed.

I can hand embroider easier thru layers of quilted fabric than I can thru stabilizer on the back of machine embroidery.  So, I should get rid of the stabilizer and thicken my fabrics.  I like doing handwork.  It’s a whole lot easier to hear the tv with hand work than with machine work.

I like the horizon effect.  I am going to incorporate that more.

So, the piece doesn’t work.  Big deal when I have learned so much.BTW , I was calling this piece “Outstanding in Her Field”.  I am trying to think of titles, not always so easy.

goin’ 3D

May 7, 2010

Still a birds nest, but in 3 dimensions.  The egg is canvas, sewn into the shape, stuffed with fiberfill, coated with gesso and then painted and varnished.  Very fun and I think the next one will turn out better.

The nest is a different story.  Hard, hard and hard.  Very sticky.  The sticks stuck me as I tried to place them in to the nest.  I don’t see how those little birds do it.  I think next time I will soak the sticks in hot water and see if that makes them more pliable.

I have further plans for this nest and egg.  I will let you know if it comes off.

On another subject…Remember  I told you I did this small art quilt to win a Bernina sewing machine?  The contest has started.   If you would, please visit this site and vote for me.  Only caveat is that you have to join.  See the ‘join’ red box at the top right of the screen, click on it and follow thru the directions to join the email list.  Once you are confirmed (via email) you can go back to the Stitch This page under ‘photo galleries’ and click on my entry.  At that point a small box beside the image will say “vote for this” and if you click it, I will be one step closer to winning!!!  You may vote for others, too, but you may only vote once for any image.  Just make sure you don’t vote for anyone who has more votes than me….:)

Asking that of you goes so against my grain, but thank you very much if you do take the time to vote.

Oh, and you will be placed on an email list that sends you a daily email.  Just unsubscribe if you care nothing about ever buying quilting arts books and magazines.

Have a great Mother’s Day!