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March 3, 2014

I am enjoying scratching away black in the evenings…here are two more scratch boards that I have done the last couple of weeks.  The first is from a statue at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N.C.  Spent a beautiful day there week before last.  Wish I could live there…statue at Biltmore
This one is from another of my grandfather’s photographs…my uncle (as a boy) looking a little like Tom Sawyer…  See that unsettled look on his face?Billy as Tom Sawyer


And speaking of my grandfather…

While at the annual Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, we watched a documentary called “The Mystery of George Masa,” a Japanese photographer in the early 20th century who somehow ended up at the Grove Park.  He knew little English, had no known relations in America and no one really knew how he ended up in Asheville, but he made his home there and at times, thrived.  He became known as the Ansel Adams of the east, beautifully capturing the smokey mountains on film.  He even helped the government survey the mountains and document the peaks on his photos.

George Masa’s story touched my heart and I so wanted my grandfather by my side to ask him if he had heard of Masa as a young man…north Georgia isn’t that far from Asheville!  Perhaps you have heard of him?


January 26, 2014

Another year has come and gone and the desire for blogging has obviously waned.  It doesn’t mean my desire to create has waned at all, it would still be waxing, probably because I don’t have as much time now the economy has improved and my time is taken up with architecture.  Here are a couple of small watercolours based on the photographic work of  my grandfather, T. J. Eubanks.  These are his boys, my uncles.  Adorable then and now.


The second one proved more difficult.  Little hands!  (I shouldn’t be calling attention to them!)


Image sizes of both are 7″x10″


Little Things can be inspirational!

November 23, 2013

I don’t have anything in the Swan Coach House Gallery for this year’s exhibit “Little Things Mean a Lot” but I went to see the show today and it is amazing anyway!  I am so inspired to create.  I drew a “little” portrait this afternoon.IMG_20131123_0004

Her face is about 2 inches tall.  This would fall into the category I call “thru the fire,” a series of art based on old cabinet cards that survived (albeit a little damaged) a tragic fire that killed family members back in the early 50’s.  Some of my earlier posts show other images.

katie, take 2

October 18, 2013

Can I possibly be posting twice within the week?  When I first started this blog, I felt it necessary to post at least every other day.  But situations change, don’t they?   Seems lots of people blog consistently for some time and then let their blogs take a back seat to other things.  Okay if the blog takes back seat but rather sad if the subject of their blog takes back seat.  As mine has.  Sigh.  I hate to go back and read some of the posts where I am determined to press on.  Just let me say, I’ve tried.

BUT, this week I have worked on trying to capture Katie again, this time on paper with pencil.   I do believe I was able to get more of a likeness  but still haven’t nailed it.  If at first you don’t succeed, blah, blah, blah.


weeknight sketching

July 25, 2013

Came home after work the last couple of days and sketched.  I find it relaxing and should probably sketch every night ( not to mention improving my skills!).

Ken came first (I have sketched his profile a lot.  An easy activity to do while on long car trips while he drives.)


Then came architecture… here is a site that I really like.  Lots of English buildings for me to draw while I am sitting on my bum in the states.    Thank you Photos 4 Artists!!!

watercolor of old church

Sat on the patio for a bit…

table and pergola posts copy

Another site I like, you can sketch models from the computer screen and set the time limit just like is done in a classroom for gestures.  I set the time for 10 minutes!

standing nude

sitting nude


faces 15 and 16

July 20, 2013

I have some drawings to share with you!  Can’t believe I have found the time to draw, but each night this week I have sat with a new grey sketchbook in my lap and 3 colored pencils, white, terracotta (hence the sunburn look on the screen, they don’t appear so red in person) and dark brown.  Here are the last two drawings (and the best, I needed a lot of warm up!)  These faces are old photographs of actresses that I found on the New York Digital Library.  I love looking through those old photos.  And it’s amazing, when you crop out the hair and clothes, they look totally current!




Woman #14

February 16, 2013

Last Saturday was spent in bed with a bout of stomach flu and fever.  My pour husband.  Today was so much better.  I received a wonderful  Utrecht Baby Press for St. Valentine’s Day (he really loves me!).  I cannot wear it around my neck or on my finger but it is so much more fun to play with than jewelry!  I pulled out old cut lino blocks and ran a few prints to see how it works.  It is a little persnickety but if you run the plate though with care, it will give you an even, good quality print and is a whole lot quicker and easier than using the back of a spoon!  But I am not an expert yet and did get a little frustrated, so after a while I put it away and pulled out my watercolors.  It has been a while since I had the whole day to just play with art supplies!  Here is my watercolor.


Woman #14  8″x8″

I hope your day has been as fun as mine.

Super Bowl Sunday

February 3, 2013

It is Sunday and they happen to be playing something called the Super Bowl and I was able to spend the day in the studio.  This is the result – a super bowl chicken.  It is pastel and larger than a sheet of print paper, I am proud to say.  I have only been doing small things lately and I want to paint/draw/create larger, but just haven’t convinced myself to do anything that will take longer than a couple of hours.  Well, this didn’t take much longer than that and it was super fun pulling out pastels.  These were my mother’s pastels (mine are buried under hers) and hers were, I am sure, organized the way she liked them.  I just used what was on top.  And that was mostly Sennielier.  Oh, the pleasure of using Sennelier soft pastels…  What an inheritance!



January 28, 2013

Watercolor sketching wrens.  I love seeing them at the bird-feeder. These guys need a background but I doubt they will get one.  Think I will make at least one into a card.Image


January 21, 2013

I am very honored to be interviewed over at Mr. X Stitch – Gear Threads Blog today! It is a blog on contemporary embroidery and Gear Threads focuses on machine embroidery.  First time I have ever been interviewed!  Well, I think one of the kids interviewed me in grade school once.  Hop over there and take a look.  I am so proud!