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  1. Ken Says:

    You have a great blog and your cute to!!!

  2. steve Says:

    I have really been enjoying your website; thanks for sharing. I know that you rarely go to movies, but did you happen to see Julie and Julia? Cute movie, (quite good actually) about a woman who attempts to do all the receipes in Julia’s cookbook in one year and blog about the experience. It is based on a true story. A publisher picked up her blog and bought it for lots of money, eventually publishing it and yes, making a movie about it.

    You never know, you know…

    And by the way, I absolutely love butterflies…

  3. Julie Stephens Says:

    I enjoy your blog and viewing your delightful paintings; I also love the unique process and literature you share with us. The excerpts from the unique pieces of literature and poetry you include add a wonderful dimension to the site. Do you ever sale any of your works? My daughter LOVES butterflies and has mentioned many times, she’d love to have a painting. I like your style of painting so much – I know she would, too. She’s 24.

  4. Marylea Says:

    My hairdresser wants to see your blog…how does she do that? She is experimenting with a different kind of art and I saw her work today. Very different from your art, very interesting though…she is an interesting person.

  5. Steven Kent Shaffer Says:

    You rock and your art is amazing! Laurie shared your holiday business idea with me. It is fantastic. If you need a business or marketing plan let me know.. that’s what I do these days.

    His and yours,

  6. shirley Says:

    Hi there! I think your post to IF this week didn’t work…at least it didn’t for me..I’d love to see what you did, so perhaps a re-post? All the best, your work is lovely!

  7. Julia Evatt Says:

    Please don’t stop doing bird nests! I’m going to do some more with wire and pearls, and I need your inspiration. Love your floor cloths. Julia

  8. Carol Kruse Says:

    I love what you’re doing! I am also a professional artist. Mostly watercolor, but I do paint in all mediums. The paint you mentioned in the small cans is what I used to paint saws. I sold several as commisions. This acyrlic paint worked wonderfully.
    I have a large roll of “Watercolor Canvas”. I found that acyrlic works the very best on it. I’m thinking of making cards with it. Here in Michigan, the people don’t have the funds to buy many paintings.
    Your work is wonderful so keep on keeping on!

  9. Bonni Brooks Says:

    I believe I heard the reason people looked so gloomy in old photos is that they had to sit for a lonnnnnngggg time because the cameras were much slower then. Who could keep a smile when they’re bored to tears!

  10. Julia Evatt Says:

    Laurie- this is truly amazing! Especially as I know the photo. How big is your stitchery portrait?

  11. Trudi Says:

    Thanks Laura for joining in on The Butterfly Effect! I’ll add you to the email list to keep you in the loop with updates and I’ve bookmarked your blog to return when I am caught up with emails!


  12. Wendy Blanton Says:

    We love, love your work. I am a quilter and fiber artist. A mutual friend gave me your name when I asked for recommendations for speakers in thread painting or thread artist. Would you be interested in lecturing and or a workshop? Please email me for my contact information and our mutual friend name. Wendy

  13. Amanda Doane Says:

    Hi! I have a the bird piece my Momma bought in my kitchen and everyday, I think about the talented arist who created it and smile. I would love to meet you sometime. I love your art and love the things I have heard about you from my Dad. Thanks for making the world more beautiful!

  14. lemwart finley Says:

    My name its lemwart finley, and i lave in nicaragua thats wonderfol work and i loved god bless your famly chao.

  15. maria Says:


  16. Jody Raines Says:

    I just found your blog and I am absolutely inspired and keep returning to it over and over. Thank you for sharing your beautiful watercolors and fiber arts. So inspiring.


    Thank you so much Lauren for your kind words,i am on FB as picturestitch please join me thanks again x

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