Snow Days!!!

We are about at the end of the second snow day of the second snow storm Georgia has seen this year (although you couldn’t really call this snow, it is basically ice).  My toes are cold but the rest of me is fairly comfortable…we have been lucky and the power has stayed on.  Burying power lines helps keep power on when you have icy snow days.  I remember days long ago, of having icicles hanging off our house in Georgia that were 12″ long!  And my sister reminded me that we would get ice on the inside of the single pane windows!  Energy codes are keeping us warmer, I guess…

I occupied my time scratching black off white.

Yesterday’s …

scratch art from waterhouse's sketch smaller res

She was copied from a Waterhouse sketch.

And today’s…

Mama and Pop Snow Day 2 Scratch art copyThis was done from a photo of my grandparents, looking a bit like an urban American Gothic.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring (tonight will bring several inches of real snow, so they say!)…


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4 Responses to “Snow Days!!!”

  1. Camille Says:

    Just fabulous! I have cleaned closets and done taxes!

  2. Sue Schwarz Says:

    Beautiful work…wish I could say I had been as productive. Looks like an additional 5 inches of snow here in Mentone, AL

  3. laurenfinley Says:

    Are you in Mentone, Sue? I have family and dear friends who live in Menlo. My great grandfather was a carpenter who worked on the Mentone Hotel with the green roof! I love that area of the world! We didn’t get so much snow on the north west side of metro Atlanta. With 5 more inches, you’ll have another day to create!

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