Little Things can be inspirational!

I don’t have anything in the Swan Coach House Gallery for this year’s exhibit “Little Things Mean a Lot” but I went to see the show today and it is amazing anyway!  I am so inspired to create.  I drew a “little” portrait this afternoon.IMG_20131123_0004

Her face is about 2 inches tall.  This would fall into the category I call “thru the fire,” a series of art based on old cabinet cards that survived (albeit a little damaged) a tragic fire that killed family members back in the early 50’s.  Some of my earlier posts show other images.

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5 Responses to “Little Things can be inspirational!”

  1. joan Says:

    As good as the girl with the mouse, perhaps better. You need to get out more. Joan

  2. randomrose Says:

    You have captured her story in her features, excellent.

    • laurenfinley Says:

      Hi and thanks. I went to your blog the other day and it was gone??? Thanks for your nomination of the Sunshine award from sometime back. As you may have noticed I am not on my blog much anymore, working full time keeps me from doing the thinks I want to do! But thanks for thinking of me!

      • randomrose Says:

        Oh dear, things disappear and reappear in cyber world :). I think they are there but maybe I am the only one to see them…thanks for the heads up, I will try and investigate. Work unfortunately is a must and what a shame it takes up our precious creating time. You certainly haven’t lost it though. Have a great week.

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