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I went to see the High Museum Exhibit in Atlanta that included Vermeer’s “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” last weekend and for the first time in forever, I wanted to paint in oils.  I took a phone photo of my son studying outside on our return home and am using it to paint.  I have never done a successful portrait of Taylor (I did do a watercolor of him sleeping at about age 4 but since the local art show rejected it I am not sure I can call it a success, although  I liked it enough to hang on my wall for several years) and I am hoping I will consider this one successful.  Truthfully, I am hoping I just finish it.

Taylor photo copy


First a charcoal sketch.

taylor 1 smallerDust off excess charcoal.taylor 2 smallerBegin with a grisaille underpainting using cadmium blue, raw sienna and flake white.  Cover the canvas fast!

taylor 3 smallerRefine.  Refine.  And refine some more.

taylor 4 smallerAmazed I remember!

Awww, the fresh smell of turpentine!  Wish me luck in remembering how to use color!



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5 Responses to “in the studio”

  1. Linda Yoder Says:

    Interesting approach for a portrait.

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  2. Linda Yoder Says:

    So sorry!!! That was not a criticism I meant to forward to a fellow painter (she and I struggle with portraits) – your work is wonderful – I know this will turn out great! Linda

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  3. Sue Schwarz Says:

    Amazing so far, love the approach. Reminds me of classes I took in iconography where the process is to build by refining, refining, refining. Looking forward to seeing the finished work

  4. joan Says:

    What a beautiful smile he has.

  5. Joan Says:

    Saw Susan. She is going into business for herself. Put Oct. 25th down. My house. Bring ideas.

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