I spent the evening reading old journal entries.  I couldn’t keep a journal until I decided I would write it for one special person, my future (maybe?) great grandchild.  That made it easy to think of what to write.  I wrote things that I wish I knew about my great grandparents.  My aunt recently told me that she wrote her memories of her children and grandchildren and gave them as birthday gifts this past year.  How clever of her to think of such a wonderful gift!  I am always surprised that my kids don’t remember things from their early days, or when their memory is flavored with the telling and retelling of stories.  But isn’t that the way it is for all of us.

My mother talked a lot of memories during her last months.  She didn’t share memories (she shared plenty over the years), rather she talked of  what memories were, of how our perspective of an event so totally affects a memory.   My memory of an event from childhood may be very different than my sister’s memory of the same event.  But both of them are true, who is to say your memory is wrong?

The other writing I do is note taking while listening to sermons in church.  Those notes include lots of doodling.  Sometimes a sermon inspires very visual notes, other times not so much.  I am not sure what inspired this fish!  Can’t remember from the notes!


Here is another watercolor portrait I worked on last weekend.  Added some finishing touches tonight, mainly to keep me up past 9 pm!


This is on aquabord, 8″x8″.


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5 Responses to “memories”

  1. Joseph Le Says:

    Awesome post. Had me reminiscing over this glass of wine. Wow how time just flies by.

  2. Melissa Stinson Says:

    Laurie, I’m always so impressed with your talent!

    Your aunt had a lovely idea! I’ll have to remember that!

  3. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    Love this post, Lauren and your church notes. The look in the woman’s eyes is very thought provoking too.

  4. Ellen Says:

    Laurie, you have a brilliant idea regarding the journal. Bob gave me a nice one but it sits on the little chest in my bedroom blank because I didn’t know how to begin. The thought that I would be writing to someone (Katherine, perhaps?) about my memories is enticing and doable I think. Love the watercolor above!

  5. rventrello Says:

    I love the fish 🙂

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