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happy thanksgiving!

November 21, 2012

I hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and I pray you have much to be thankful for.  The last few years have been difficult ones for my family culminating with my mother’s short illness and death this summer.  The economy has taken its toll on all who work in the development/construction industry including designers and architects.  My husband and I  would never have dreamt that development would just totally stop like it did a few years ago.  And I am amazed that we have survived intact through what I hope is the worst of it. Counting my blessings over the last few years would not be a difficult task.  And lately, thankfully, we have both been busy and I pray that it continues into the next few years.  (At least for Ken, I wouldn’t mind spending some days in the studio!)  Even after difficult times, we have much to be thankful for.  I watched Ken Burns latest documentary on the Dust Bowl this week on PBS.  My hardships don’t even compare to those days of hell on earth.  But that decade passed and times improved even as they seem to be for us.  It was also evident in the show that we are prone to forget and will quickly repeat mistakes when we let greed take over.

Tomorrow, may we remember and be thankful for what we do have, being satisfied and content at least for the moment.

I painted the pumpkin watercolor a couple of years ago after visiting a patch in North Georgia.   I am not sure there is a much more lovely fruit than a huge pumpkin (I looked it up and it is a fruit, at least Wikipedia said it was!).  And I so look forward to the pie the canned variety will yield tomorrow!

a chair for Santa

November 17, 2012

Given the charge of creating a backdrop for photos with Santa Claus for Hope for Christmas (a charitable undertaking my church is participating in to help deserving families have Christmas gifts and food), I decided that Santa needed a sleigh.  Found a sleigh online accompanied by a live reindeer (what could possibly be better than that??!!!) and I could rent it for only $2000.  Way out of my budget range.   Ebay had a few vintage/antique sleighs, some so wonderful  I would have dug into my piggy bank to buy,  even if they weren’t in pristine condition.  But they were up North and “local pickup only.”  I am in Georgia.  I asked my kids to drive to Pennsylvania and bring one back.  They asked how.  Maybe a snow machine at the front of the car so that you could pull it home??

Finally gave up on that idea after a couple of days of watching Ebay auctions.  Then I thought Santa could sit on his throne for pictures.  Problem with that idea is that  I couldn’t find a throne at all.  Go figure.  Below is a work in progress of me creating one with some help from husband and his jigsaw.    Reality doesn’t always match the vision in my brain, but I am sort of  proud of it.  Thinking of  upholstering it but do I really want that on my to do list at this time of year?! I think  Santa will just have to lean against hard plywood but he will have a cushioned seat.  You will have to come back after December 8th to see the final product.

If you would like to contribute to Hope for Christmas, visit this site    or this site for ways to help.

That’s 4 coats of red paint and it still needs another!

ostrich beauty

November 2, 2012

Imagine this face inspiring me to do a watercolor for the first time in several days.

It reminds me of  another “beautiful” bird, the turkey.  I was driving in the mountains recently and slowed for a small flock of turkeys in the road.  The turkeys were really interested in me or my car and, just like a country dog, chased me down the road, staying right at my side for 200 feet or so.  Is that typical behavior for a turkey?