leaf fun

Having a little fun with leaves tonight.  These were drawn (okay, honestly?  I just traced them) onto watercolor paper and painted with pan gauche I found in my mother’s studio.  I then painted words on them with acrylic ink and varnished them.  I like the way they look.

These would be great tags for presents if I ever put that kind of effort into wrapping presents!!

The leaves are pretty this year here.  Hope you are enjoying them!


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4 Responses to “leaf fun”

  1. Beth MacKinney Says:

    These are beautiful! (We had a little fun with leaves ourselves today by experimented with braying real leaves with gold printing ink and then pressing them on card stock. It’s a leafy time of year!)

  2. joannethiemehuffmanj Says:

    These look great; I’ll have to give this a try.

  3. Joan Says:

    Love these. &the siloetts. Miss you. We are getting ready for the card class. My stuff is organized for once. Want to come and play?

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  4. Karen @ Folk Haven Says:

    So elegant and lovely!

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