what to do with a styrofoam plate

I think I love doing children’s crafts about as much as anything I do and tomorrow, I will be showing the children at my church how to “engrave” styrofoam plates and make art prints.  We (3/4’s of my family) played last night and I wanted to show you our images.

Suzannah’s Tom Sawyer
Ken’s HorseTheir first styrofoam printing session ever.  Well, not for Suzannah, she did it at art camp when she was about 9 but she doesn’t remember.  I still have her prints, though.

And my images…

My first (just drawing on the styrofoam to see what I could do.  Never ever did I tell you that I was the best “artist” in the house.  Now you know.)Second one of a whale.  I added the black onto the print after I printed it. 
The same whale.  This time I printed a solid black on the paper and then, while the black was still wet, printed the orange whale plate on top.  I think this turned out cool but when I tried it again, it wasn’t any good at all.

And the last one I did.  This time I cut away large areas of the foam where I wanted it to be white. The other 1/4 of the family has yet to do one.  If he does, I will show it also.  He is quite a good artist.

If you want to do this, take a plate of styrofoam and draw with a pencil onto it.  Using a brayer,  roll ink all over the plate (you might could paint it on).  Make sure there is plenty of ink on the plate.  Lay a piece of paper onto the plate and press hard.  The ink is sticky enough to hold onto the paper so it should not slip, but take care anyway.  Use your hands, a printmaking barren or the back side of a wooden spoon and rub hard, harder than you think it should be.  Lift a corner of the paper and see if you have a lot of ink on the print or if you need to rub harder.  You can make maybe three prints from one plate.  That hard rubbing wears out the styrofoam quickly.  Try it, this is serious fun!


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2 Responses to “what to do with a styrofoam plate”

  1. Delft Says:

    These look great. And fun.

  2. Brenda E Holmes Says:

    Imagine ,I am kin to this awe inspiring group of individuals who possess this much talent AND they make me laugh , I am truly blessed! By the way, Ken’s horse is mindblowing!!

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