catch of the day

The catch of the day is something with so many fins, it looks too spiny to eat.  I could be wrong because I know nothing about fish, though  I am amazed at the variety and individuality of fish.  So many, so distinctively different and yet they are all fish.  People are like that, too.  We may all be under one Genus, but when we go beyond height, color and sex, we are endlessly different.  Look at eyes, how many people have eyes just alike?  Or noses?  Mouths?  How they stand, move, sit, walk, talk???  And the endless combinations of all these.  Be observant today.  What (or who) are you seeing for the first time?

Catch Of the Day  Cotton and Polyester Thread,  4.5″x5.5″

Thinking about adding glass seed beads all over this.  What do you think?


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5 Responses to “catch of the day”

  1. Sue Schwarz Says:

    Love it and beautiful glass beads would put it over the top in my book.

  2. Karen @ Folk Haven Says:

    This is gorgeous! I wouldn’t add the beads to it… it looks finished and wonderful as is.

  3. Joan Baragar Says:

    yummy. Can’t wait to see it with the beads. So glad to be back on the blog list. Can’t wait to see you. Joan

  4. Mary Says:

    As a bead artist, I pretty much think you can never add too many beads! But love the fish either way. Mary

  5. Shelley Whiting Says:

    I really love this fish. He has so much personality and character. He’s very eye catching and grabs your attention.

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