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Friday Drawing

September 28, 2012

In between doing stuff I had to do today, I managed to do something I wanted to do.  Here is the result.

red fish, blue fish

September 27, 2012

My daughter loved Dr. Suess when she was tiny.  I read the Cat in the Hat by memory to her and if I would purposefully try to skip a page or two after the 1,000th reading (did you ever do that when reading to a child?), she would make me stop and go back.  What I wouldn’t give to “go back” and experience reading Dr. Suess to her again.

Here are a red fish, blue fish and black fish.  I carved an easy cut lino block the other night and printed these.   “Carve” is an overstatement, this block cut like butter!


catch of the day

September 20, 2012

The catch of the day is something with so many fins, it looks too spiny to eat.  I could be wrong because I know nothing about fish, though  I am amazed at the variety and individuality of fish.  So many, so distinctively different and yet they are all fish.  People are like that, too.  We may all be under one Genus, but when we go beyond height, color and sex, we are endlessly different.  Look at eyes, how many people have eyes just alike?  Or noses?  Mouths?  How they stand, move, sit, walk, talk???  And the endless combinations of all these.  Be observant today.  What (or who) are you seeing for the first time?

Catch Of the Day  Cotton and Polyester Thread,  4.5″x5.5″

Thinking about adding glass seed beads all over this.  What do you think?

a week at the beach

September 16, 2012

I have some close friends who offered to let us stay at their house on Panama City Beach this past week.  It was nice to get away and while I have always found the Atlantic Coast more interesting because of the marshes, the beach and weather here were perfect.  I spent a lot of time watercoloring, avoided a rattlesnake in my path,  crossed a red river (Inlet really.  Deep, deep beautiful red) and survived biting flies (yes, it felt like living through the plagues of Egypt, but luckily, it stopped there).  Here are some quick sketches (done while son and husband were waiting on me).

Rosemary Beach green.  First time I had gone to Rosemary Beach.  Beautiful architecture, would love to design a house there, if you are thinking of building one.  It did feel a bit claustrophobic to me though.  Great bookstore.  Didn’t go to Watercolor.  Wonder if there are great spots to watercolor there???  Wonder who chose the name Watercolor for a development???

The Beach.  Would have like to have spent more time painting this, but those pesky flies kept biting my ankles.

Sitting on the porch of a house built in 1890 something (now a state park), looking at the fountain.  Nothing about this sketch is good, showing it to you anyway.  Wish I were a little better at quick landscapes and live oak trees.

Sitting on the deck at the house where we stayed.  Loved looking over the rooftops. Wires aren’t very straight.  I swear, they look straighter in he original.  Must be that rough paper….

Another rooftop view.  I spent longer working on this one.  Hope you can tell!  Left out about 9 high rises.  I think that is why I like the Atlantic Coast.  No high rises.   My husband worked for the firm that designed of few of these omitted buildings.  Still don’t like them.

Thank you, Blanch, Mike and Peggy!!!  Nice to have such generous friends!


September 7, 2012

I have had architecture work this week and it has kept me from doing artwork.   Looking for some pen and ink renderings this evening, I came across this sketch for a cottage.  Been doing this so long, I can’t remember this house but I think this is kinda cute.  Wish I could build it on a lake somewhere…



SideAs I think on it, I believe I did this for a contest at the beginning of this “economic downturn.”  Did not win.  I guess the final drawings are at the office…

Going to Florida next week!!!  Lots of time for art!


September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day, the most ill-named holiday in America.  Labor HoliDay is alright.  Labor-less Day makes sense.  Labor Day Not!  And I am not laboring, I am watercoloring.  Here is today’s work  piece, done from a thru-the-fire cabinet card.  I had to improvise a lot on this piece due to the condition of the photograph.  I wonder if she would recognize herself.   I don’t doubt she was beautiful, even from this damaged photo, I can tell that.

I do not know who this woman is, hers is among the damaged photos surviving the fire that claimed the life of my Great Aunt Josephine.  I went through this box of photos with my mother a couple of years ago.  She told me the names of those she knew and I wrote them down on sticky notes and placed them on the back of the photographs.  This photo’s sticky note has “Josephine” written on it.  But this isn’t Josephine, the woman looks circa 1900, Josephine wasn’t born until the 1920’s.    I wish I had written more than just one word…maybe this is who Josephine was named for.