She wears her skull on her shoulder

I tried Aquabord by Ampersand today.  It is a clay coated masonite board that holds watercolor.  The water darkens the clay coating so you really don’t know what it will look like when dry so I used a hair dryer every couple of minutes as I painted.  I even painted with brush in one hand, dryer in the other!   I guess you learn exactly what the paint will do when you have worked with it for a while.  I really like the way the colors blend, they seem to have a depth that isn’t apparent when I paint on watercolor paper.  Each subsequent layer seems to mix with the color beneath rather than laying of top of it.

8″x8″  Watercolor on Aquabord


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6 Responses to “She wears her skull on her shoulder”

  1. Karen @ Folk Haven Says:

    I’ve wondered what it would be like to use the clay board when I’ve seen it in the art store. I really like the smoothness of how your layers of paint combined with each other!

  2. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    It’s gorgeous and I think you’re right about the depth. It looks different to my inexperienced eye too.

  3. Edwin Dale Evatt Says:

    Enjoy your work , my Grandchild Bethany Evatt does alot of art work . And I would like to share your work with her . Her email is she loves water color and could use some tips on what she needs to use .

  4. Joan Baragar Says:

    It glow’s. exactely right. you

  5. Joseph Le Says:

    Looks amazing !

  6. Mary Says:

    Beautiful portrait! I particularly like that you did not edit out the skull and cross bones.

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