evening painting

Watercolors create fast portraits.  I did this one this evening.

Compare that to linoleum block reduction printing.  I worked on a little (4″x5″) block based on a drawing of some of my little felted birds.  I used 4 colors of ink, plus the white paper.  It has taken me hours to come up with 12 relatively decent prints.  This is my favorite, I like the offsetting of the ink colors.  But overall, I was disappointed with them.  I wanted a whimsical feel, what I got was too simplistic.

Maybe I should stick to watercolor for a while.

Carving blocks is so much fun though, and I did just get this fabulous book, The Printmaking Bible, for my birthday…  Guess I will try it again.


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5 Responses to “evening painting”

  1. Joseph Le Says:

    She reminds me of Kimbra ! I think it looks great :p

  2. Linda yoder Says:

    I absolutely love the birds!

  3. Julia Evatt Says:

    Fantastic, both, but I love the watercolor.

  4. joannethiemehuffman Says:

    The watercolor is lovely. I think the bird print looks whimsical and cheery and I really like it.

  5. gmedford Says:

    You are so talented- I see some Donna in the evening water color

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