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Watercolor Portrait

April 29, 2012

To stare at nothing…one of my favorite past-times.  I am always a bit disappointed when called back to reality.

Another watercolor portrait done on my 7×10 arches rough watercolor block.  I love this paper.

tye dying

April 26, 2012

Spent the day preparing to tye dye with the kids at church on Saturday.  Never have I done this before but I am loving the results!  Looking forward to seeing what the kids come up with!

a deviation in style…

April 25, 2012

I spend a lot of time looking at children’s crafts and doing children’s crafts with… children.  A whole lotta time.  I am inspired by what I see on the internet and then come up with a version I can do with materials on hand.  Someday I am going to write a how-to book and I practiced my cutesy technique this weekend in anticipation of Someday.  (I wish my calendar would tell me when Someday is!)

Cutesy is fun to do!

thank you!

April 18, 2012

Thank you to all who visit and leave comments here on my blog.  You cannot believe the amount of encouragement it gives me to have just a word or two of praise.  I believe a pat on the back or a simple compliment is worth more than gold.  Thank you, “comment”-ers, “like”-ers and quiet well-wishers!

I was so encouraged today, I painted another small watercolor portrait.


This one is 8″x8″.

evening painting

April 17, 2012

Watercolors create fast portraits.  I did this one this evening.

Compare that to linoleum block reduction printing.  I worked on a little (4″x5″) block based on a drawing of some of my little felted birds.  I used 4 colors of ink, plus the white paper.  It has taken me hours to come up with 12 relatively decent prints.  This is my favorite, I like the offsetting of the ink colors.  But overall, I was disappointed with them.  I wanted a whimsical feel, what I got was too simplistic.

Maybe I should stick to watercolor for a while.

Carving blocks is so much fun though, and I did just get this fabulous book, The Printmaking Bible, for my birthday…  Guess I will try it again.