watercolor portrait

I am going through a slump.  I have not succeeded at producing anything I wanted to show you until this.  I have spent a couple of days sharing what I know about watercolor and portraiture to two friends and this is the result of talking and demonstrating and painting.  There are things about it that need to be corrected.  I just wish I could see these things prior to declaring it finished because I don’t want to work on it anymore and am ready to move on!

This is watercolour on a piece of Strathmore rough paper, 5.25″x6.5″

Obviously going through a slump in thinking of titles for blog posts, too.


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5 Responses to “watercolor portrait”

  1. Ken Says:

    You have creative slumps. This is good.

  2. Julia Evatt Says:

    But this is so beautiful, and she is–if not exactly sad–so very melancholy.

  3. Joseph Le Says:

    Slump or not, I’m still a fan! I’m sure you will power through this feeling. :p

  4. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    I wish I could produce something as grand as you have while in your slump. I think it’s lovely and intriguing just as it is.

  5. Brenda E Holmes Says:

    Oh Laurie, Elizabeth said it best and as for titles,well, what’s wrong with yet another work in progress or art in pause? You are so incredibly talented and I am proud to call you my cousin!!

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