possible outline for wanna-be’s

I haven’t been inspired to create that large narrative painting I want to do yet, so yesterday I kept myself busy doing little exercises in watercolor.  These are from the book, Be an Artist in 10 Steps.  Their step one is “proportion and shape”, step one for me should be “think of something to paint in 10 minutes or less and don’t fret over it, just paint it.”  My step two would be “pick up a pencil and do thumbnail sketches because they are more important than you (obviously by your lack of doing them) think they are.”  And then step three would have to be “take a class because it is the only way you ever paint on a consistent basis.”

Hmmmm, wonder if I should write a book for would-be artists.




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3 Responses to “possible outline for wanna-be’s”

  1. Julia Evatt Says:

    Yes, you probably should write a book, why not? Your advice is always right on.

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    Yes, please write a book. I’ll be first in line to buy it.

  3. Marylea Says:

    I love the picture showing through the 3rd bottle. Are they little crows? And yes, you should write a “How to” book. 🙂 Up for a cemetary in April??

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