standing tall

Catching up on blogs tonight, I read several stating that “it felt like springtime…”  It’s still a bit cold for my tastes, but it is almost March and the beginning of March is the beginning of spring to me!  Even if I still have to wear a winter coat.

With spring comes bunnies.  I had an idea to do 3 block prints of rabbits just in time for Easter.  Here is my first.

Here it is watercolored (on the worst print of the bunch, it was trial and error and I didn’t want to use my best print!).  Not sure which I like better.  I left a lot of open space to fill with color but I wonder if I should just leave them inked only.  What do you think?

The image size of this rabbit is 5.5″x8.25″

I need to do the other two quickly before the desire to carve lino blocks passes…


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4 Responses to “standing tall”

  1. Joseph Le Says:

    Omg. I love the colored standing!!!!

  2. joannethiemehuffman Says:

    Your block definitely sings a spring song. It’s not very spring feeling here in Michigan.

  3. bwilliams Says:

    The original black and white is really nice, but the subtle coloration of the second image is my favorite. The paper looks almost velvety with the color on it…much more alive.

  4. Image Artistry Says:

    Definitely colour. Brings the bunny to life.

    Here in the south of Britain we have had a couple of very mild days and the birds are going crazy and the first daffodils are out but it doesn’t feel permanent yet. Apparently we are in for a big drought this year – will be interesting to see whether this happens.

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