Do you know who Charles Rennie Mackintosh is?  You should, so take a moment and go here to read up about him.  Better yet, do an image search and see all his beautiful designs.  You can find some here.  I love his watercolors!

The embroidery below is based on Mackintosh’s watercolor of a  “blackthorn” (bush?) branch.  It looks lethal.  I looked up blackthorn and see that it is traditionally used for walking sticks.  Maybe the blooming walking stick in Enchanted April was a blackthorn.  I’ll have to watch the movie again and find out.   My rendition was free motion machine embroidered in black and then I used hand embroidery where Mackintosh used watercolor.  Sure does make me think of spring!

Now, what to do with this piece of cloth???

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4 Responses to “Blackthorn”

  1. Karen Owen Says:

    Beautiful embroidery! The walking stick in Enchanted April was cherry.

  2. joannethiemehuffman Says:

    This is lovely.

  3. Julia Evatt Says:

    Frame it! and put the story of its creation on the back.

  4. crystalpleats Says:

    This is so beautiful! This popped up in my google search of the artist and I am an embroiderer myself so I am really in love with this.

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