fulled and felted hearts

We had a taste of spring yesterday!  How pleasant for us!  It is hard to believe it is the first of February.  I recall warm-daffodil-blooming-spring-like days in February, but I do not remember one in January.

Last year I wet-felted some wool and sat looking at it all year long.  I thought they looked beautiful (although I could have spent more time “fulling” them*), but I had no idea what to do with these small pieces of cloth.  (I did make a pouch for my camera with one piece, but my camera keeps slipping out…and I haven’t taken the minute to sew on a button!)  Yesterday, I decided to cut hearts from them to honor Valentine’s Day.

My walls appear a much more vibrant green than they are in reality!  Not sure I could live with that green.  The last heart is on a sculpture by artist Julia Evatt.  She just happens to be my mother.

Happy February, everyone!

*I looked up “fulling” to make sure I was using the correct term and found a interesting (to me anyway) explanation and history of the term here, if you’re interested.


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3 Responses to “fulled and felted hearts”

  1. Joan Baragar Says:

    cunning. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Julia Evatt Says:

    Neat. Thanks for the plug. I love the hearts, and I love the white bird in the first photo.

  3. joannethiemehuffman Says:

    I love your hearts.

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