happy new year!!!

A bit late, sorry.  But I am in time for Chinese New Year which is Monday, January 23 this year.  I learned it is a celebration of upcoming spring, I liked that.   I had such plans… none of which I have carried to fruition.   It will all come at some point.  Maybe.  I am trying not to stress over it.

Had some free time this week to do a bit of painting.  (Free time seems so difficult to come by these days.   I can’t catch up much less advance.  This seems to be my continual complaint.  Is this my age????)

These are done in acrylic, on 10″x10″ canvas.

I have been spending too much time on the internet looking at various artists work.  Exposure to so much amazing art is not good for my ego.  I have so far to go!  But looking at other’s art is inspiring also.  After looking at a couple of paintings in a gallery, I am so ready to go home and “try” that!

This is my goal this year.   Spend more time creating narrative compositions.  I enjoy creating these little paintings and stitcheries, but I need to expound to capture a feeling, moment, story, sensation… and to push myself further along.  All encouragement in that direction is welcome!


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4 Responses to “happy new year!!!”

  1. Brenda Holmes Says:

    I wish I could give you some of my time for I find I have more than i need.

  2. Kathleen Bradshaw Says:

    These are lovely, Laurie. Keep looking at the work of others for inspiration and to learn new techniques, but tell your judgmental, inner voice to be quiet. You are very good!

  3. Joseph Le Says:

    Happy Lunar Newyear from all of us !

  4. Julia Evatt Says:

    Wow! Do you ever know how to paint bird feet! (and the rest of their bodies too, but the feet are amazing).

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