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using up odds and ends

January 26, 2012

When I started this blog, it was with the intention it would be a blog of my work (and I have pretty closely adhered by that).  Well, could I ever set myself up a more difficult task?  I have trouble keeping up with the blog because I have trouble producing enough work to share!

I debated on showing the piece below to you but I do it for a couple of reasons.  First, to ask you, have you all seen a renewed interest in embroidery?  I am seeing evidence of it all around me and wonder if I am just taking note and it has been there all along or is embroidery on the upswing again.  And secondly, I want to share a couple of links to work that I find beautiful.  This one  is to recent embroidery, the work of Rosemary Milner (who I know nothing about other than I find her work so endearing).  The other is to an exhibit of very old (18th century) bits and pieces of textiles (including embroidery) left with abandoned babies at a foundling hospital.  The former inspired me to do the piece below, the latter feeds my nostalgic wonderment.

This insect was stitched on my sewing machine using free motion embroidering (no guidelines were used, hence the slight skewing!) on top of a piece of vintage (antique?) lace given to me years ago by my mother’s friend, Sybil, on top of a sample piece of matelasse given to me by an interior designer.  (lucky me to have such generous friends!)  I hand stitched onto the bee (I can stitch better but I wanted that amateur feel!!)  It measures about 3.25″ x 6.25″.

happy new year!!!

January 21, 2012

A bit late, sorry.  But I am in time for Chinese New Year which is Monday, January 23 this year.  I learned it is a celebration of upcoming spring, I liked that.   I had such plans… none of which I have carried to fruition.   It will all come at some point.  Maybe.  I am trying not to stress over it.

Had some free time this week to do a bit of painting.  (Free time seems so difficult to come by these days.   I can’t catch up much less advance.  This seems to be my continual complaint.  Is this my age????)

These are done in acrylic, on 10″x10″ canvas.

I have been spending too much time on the internet looking at various artists work.  Exposure to so much amazing art is not good for my ego.  I have so far to go!  But looking at other’s art is inspiring also.  After looking at a couple of paintings in a gallery, I am so ready to go home and “try” that!

This is my goal this year.   Spend more time creating narrative compositions.  I enjoy creating these little paintings and stitcheries, but I need to expound to capture a feeling, moment, story, sensation… and to push myself further along.  All encouragement in that direction is welcome!