feeling nostalgic

Here is my second attempt at drawing this girl from an old cabinet card.  I pulled her face up to life size on my computer screen and drew from a distance.  The first attempt was so far off, I couldn’t correct it.  This one was pretty accurate when I scanned it and placed it on top of the photograph.  Sometimes it is better to start over!  I often have to!

Back in the days of drafting by hand, you would take great care in where you laid your hand.  If you were drawing with pencil, you would smudge the drawing.  If you were drafting  with ink… you had a mess!  And thus the electric eraser was born.  I still draft by hand when I am designing but it is only for preliminary drawings and I use felt tips.  It is hard to erase felt tips but I try!  Good thing photoshop allows you to erase with ease.  You can pretty much correct anything these days.  We still have all the old drafting supplies, pounce, lead holders and sharpeners, even all the Koh-I-noor pens (but I doubt I could get them to work!). Vintage items all.


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One Response to “feeling nostalgic”

  1. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    I always enjoy looking at your drawings.

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