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November 23, 2011

A couple of watercolors done on small scraps of rough 140 watercolor paper.  Each is about 5.5″x4.5″.  I have never gotten into “scrapbooking” (most of our photos are of architecture anyway; my poor, undocumented offspring) but I am into scraps and never or at least hardly ever throw paper away.

I hope you all have the most fabulous Thanksgiving and  an abundance to be thankful for.  God bless you.

Don’t bug me!

November 19, 2011

Do you ever feel that way?    I remember one day  in the car with husband and two youngish bickering kids, I closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears and wondered how Helen Keller got to be so lucky.

It was a fleeting moment.

Here is the bug that made me think of that moment.  I drew him this week in pen and ink and then used colored pencils.  This is in my latest Moleskine.  The paper is the most wonderful receptacle for colored pencils.  They were so fluid and blend-able.  Makes me wonder exactly what the paper is.

This evening, I drew a butterfly, put some watercolor on it and then collaged paper all over it.  The paper came from the 4th holiday catalog this month from Pottery Barn.  I can’t believe that they can’t come up with a better advertising campaign than to send out un-requested catalogs but I guess it is keeping the printers and mailman employed.  And that is a good thing.  Hope the paper is recycled though!

I have never really liked doing collage (I have never really “understood” it altho’ I have liked many I have seen) but I had so much fun last week doing those faces I wanted to do more.   Always good to push yourself, right!?

This butterfly is about 7″x11″.  I wonder what a layer of beeswax would do to it…

Little Things…

November 14, 2011

If you happen to be in the Atlanta area from Thursday through the holidays, stop by the Swan Coach House Gallery for their Little Things Mean a Lot annual show.  I will have four pieces in it! (there they are below.)  Here is your invite!  The opening reception is Thursday, Nov. 17, 6-8pm.

Here are the backs.  I thought they looked pretty.  That is Amy Butler paper, I love the ones  with the art and crafts feel to it.

Pairing Paper and Pizza

November 12, 2011

There was time yesterday to play.  I met with the First Friday Play group (I know it was the second Friday) and under the expert guidance of Joan Baragar, we played with paper collages.  I drew a blind contour face and then cut and glued paper to create this.

I had so much fun making it, I came home and made another!  Thanks, Joan!  And MaryAnn Clayton for the most delicious pizzas!

That is white paint on the background, and I added a little pastel to warm up their faces.  I now want to create something more realistic.  I hope there is more time to play this week!


feeling nostalgic

November 8, 2011

Here is my second attempt at drawing this girl from an old cabinet card.  I pulled her face up to life size on my computer screen and drew from a distance.  The first attempt was so far off, I couldn’t correct it.  This one was pretty accurate when I scanned it and placed it on top of the photograph.  Sometimes it is better to start over!  I often have to!

Back in the days of drafting by hand, you would take great care in where you laid your hand.  If you were drawing with pencil, you would smudge the drawing.  If you were drafting  with ink… you had a mess!  And thus the electric eraser was born.  I still draft by hand when I am designing but it is only for preliminary drawings and I use felt tips.  It is hard to erase felt tips but I try!  Good thing photoshop allows you to erase with ease.  You can pretty much correct anything these days.  We still have all the old drafting supplies, pounce, lead holders and sharpeners, even all the Koh-I-noor pens (but I doubt I could get them to work!). Vintage items all.

it’s taking way too long to think of a title for this bit of nothingness…

November 3, 2011

Are you old enough to have trends pass through your life more than once?  I am not quite sure how I got to be the age I am, but here I am looking at the seventies again.  (this has been going on for a few years now…I actually think fashion is circling into the eighties again.  Hello, shoulder pads!)  An object of the seventies that I didn’t much like then is the owl.  And now I see owls making a comeback from fad extinction and this time ’round I think they are kind of cute.
I was doodling this morning while drinking my coffee and wishing I had something to share with you…