watercolor as a means of relaxation

I am feeling guilty.  I haven’t even looked at this blog since I posted last Friday.  Nothing like a challenge to yourself to scare yourself off …

The truth is, I did work on the piece I said I was going to.  I created a small art quilt in batik fabrics but did not finish it because I just don’t like it.  Basically for the same reason that I did not finish or like the quilt with the wrens.  I may (or may not) work more on it.  I pulled out the wren quilt recently and studied on it a bit in an effort to come up with an idea to make it work.  It is now put back away… and will have company with the quilt from last weekend.

How have I been spending my time?  Well, today, I have been watercoloring.  Nothing of great merit, I have just been practicing my brush strokes.  I’ve got that little bird at the bottom down to 5 strokes (plus beak and legs)!  Now I just have to find something to do with these bits of paper!


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2 Responses to “watercolor as a means of relaxation”

  1. Brenda Holmes Says:

    I kind of like the collage effect of the way you have them placed

  2. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    Your watercolors are lovely. You could incorporate them into a nature art quilt.

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