watercolor portrait, take 2

Another watercolor portrait.  I am more pleased with this one than the one in the last post.  These last two faces (and most of the faces I use) come from old black and white photos.  Mostly I am off on some feature, but because they are not commissioned portraits and I am only pleasing myself, an exact likeness isn’t necessary.   (I placed the scanned watercolor onto of the photo and, oh boy, was I off on the mouth in the last posted watercolor!  It was perhaps 1/4″- 1/2″ further to the left than it should have been, more than I would be able to correct.)  I would like to improve my skills, so this time I scanned my drawing into Photoshop and saw where I was off allowing me to correct the drawing before I watercolored it.  Took a bit of effort for  lazy  me but I think the image does look more like the photo and it is an easy way of checking accuracy.

Do you consider the use of technology cheating when it comes to your art or do you embrace it?  I use to think anything other than using your  hand and eye was cheating, not feeling that way much anymore.  I have used Photoshop for everything, from enhancing color to cutout layers to simplify value.  It is a useful tool but I would still love to be able to look at something and accurately capture it just using the pencil in my hand.


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5 Responses to “watercolor portrait, take 2”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    Thank you for sharing your method… I always have problems with accurate sketching… suchgood ideas!

  2. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    I think it’s lovely and you’re such a talented artist I don’t care how you put it together.

  3. Joan Baragar Says:

    when you think of all new and wonderful products we use every day in our art how can the computer be any different. If I run string to do perspective or use photo shop which is cheating? If you can make a stencle with holes and chalk to paint the chaple or project your drawing on the wall, which is cheating? The big difference I have been told “there is no way to copy a person with out picking up some distorcion. Photos distort also. “The eye is always best.
    These ladys are beautiful.

  4. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    Your lady is lovely. I don’t think using Photoshop for artis cheating any more than using a word processor for writing is cheating.

  5. bwilliams Says:

    If one examines art history, artists have always tried to use any new developments available to them, the camera obscura comes readily to mind. I giggle to think what da Vinci would have done had he access tour technology, innovator that he was! My advice: use whatever you have at your disposal. I do.

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