Flickers, Houses, and Cad, oh my!

I am learning CAD.  That is Computer Aided Drafting for you people older than I am (aka CADD which includes the word “design” but since I still design on the board…).  The college I attended started teaching CAD the quarter after I graduated and although I did learn some on an antiquated computer way back in the ’80’s I really never learned a modern day program (do you suppose that computer really cost $70,000 or was my then-employer stretching the truth?) .  I know the basics of Google Sketch-up (which is a great and free download giving hours of fun to those of you who like to play on a computer) and now I am learning Datacad.  I am dreaming datacad.  I am waking up thinking of datacad.  I came home on a Saturday and booted up datacad.  I never realized I was such a geek before…

And this is the reason I haven’t posted for a long time!

Here is a watercolour and ink drawing of a flicker I did last night (and some today) to re-acquaint myself with my right brain.

I had the opportunity to forage into the past earlier this week.  The town of Eatonton, Georgia owns several (maybe 15 circa 1900-1920 +/-)  mill houses and they are trying to sell them en mass to be restored in place (with some grant money) or to be moved to another location.  The houses are as they were when the last inhabitants moved out maybe 20 years ago.  Most people think they should be razed, I think they are worthy of saving.  I don’t know if they will be used for the reason the trip was made, but if they don’t, and you should want one, please let me know.  I will put you in touch with the right person.

Here are some pictures to entice you…

I know, I know, entice may not be the right word considering their present condition… but these houses have great proportions, heartpine flooring and beadboard ceilings.

Do you hear that?  I think it is datacad calling…


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One Response to “Flickers, Houses, and Cad, oh my!”

  1. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    The house photos would make great drawings by you – maybe with a flicker on the porch. I’m lost as to knowing what datacard is.

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