ewe’s not fat, ewe’s fluffy

What did I ever do with my time before the internet?  Do you feel the same way?   I knowingly spend way too much time on it but some things just fascinate me and I know that save for the internet, I would never be exposed to them.  Case in point…

The Campaign for Wool was found linked through Selvedge Magazine and has a gallery of pictures from which the above was taken.  Have you ever in your life seen such cute creatures?

It was enough for me to pull out a photo of a sheep and do a watercolor/pen and ink drawing! But the sheep is more deserving of a wool tapestry.  Some day.

Forgive me for the title of this post.  Sometimes you just cannot resist.


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4 Responses to “ewe’s not fat, ewe’s fluffy”

  1. Brenda Holmes Says:

    good topline on that sheep( sorry, couldn’t resist using an old term from livestock judging!).

  2. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    “ewe” did a wonderful job with this drawing; I look forward to seeing this in tapestry.

  3. Karen Owen Says:

    Love the title and the drawing! Speaking of wool, I did take Patrick’s soaker apart and rejoin the seam, and they look so much better. Glad I did it.

  4. Julia Evatt Says:

    If being an internet junkie inspired me to accomplish as much, I’d gladly become an addict. Love the sheep.

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