a life of crime begins…

I know it is illegal to own a hawk feather but this one was basically handed to me by its previous owner.  A hawk swooped down to feed on a bird that was feeding on seed at our backyard bird feeder and I was sitting 20 feet away.  After a  brief skirmish, the hawk flew away with its capture and left behind this feather. (payment?) At least the smaller bird put up a good fight.  I brought the feather inside to search on-line and see if I could identify it.  I went here and found out it is a Coopers Hawk wing feather.  I copied it with colored pencils.

Now that I have documented my feather, I guess I need to toss it back outside.

Here is a photograph I took a couple of years ago when a hawk decided the bird feeder made a nice perch (forgive the quality, it was taken from inside through the window blinds with my point and shoot camera).  This could be a Coopers Hawk or a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Can you tell the difference?


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6 Responses to “a life of crime begins…”

  1. Kathy McHugh Says:

    gorgeous!! and i didn’t know it was illegal to have a hawk feather.

  2. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    I wish I could use it to put on on old hat of my grandmothers from the 40s. I’m doing a photo shoot for a new header for different website and the feathers on her hat are a bit weathered. I have got to find one or two somewhere. Love your version though.

  3. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    beautiful drawing.

  4. ellen Says:

    While visiting my friend in Augusta, we noticed a family of red-tailed hawks had moved into his cul de sac. They raised their young over the summer and it was fascinating as well as educational to observe. They would feast over the neighboring squirrels, much to Bob’s delight! I didn’t know that possession of a feather is illegal- now I want to find one!

    • laurenfinley Says:

      It falls under the Migratory bird protection act or something like that. I didn’t know it either until a couple of years ago I was at my Uncle Mac’s and found a feather on the ground. He told me it was illegal and there was a whole discussion to follow. Turns out that feather wasn’t a hawk feather, it was a whip poor will feather according to the site I linked in the blog.

      I dreamt about you the other night. You were wearing diamonds in your eyebrows!!!

  5. Patricia Says:

    Lauren, You can do anything! great work!
    Miss you,

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