learning to make do

I want so much to take a printmaking course and buy a press.  (If  I am telling you my wants, I might as well add that I also want a tapestry loom and and the space to place a tapestry loom and a press!)  For now, I will have to make do with the supplies I do have, in the space available.  I do have watercolors, ink pens and pastels so I decided to try to get the look of a print.  Not so sure I achieved that goal, perhaps I was carried away with darkening the background for that effect, although they look lighter and more consistent in the originals.  I like the carried away effect of the ink lines.  And there is no duplicating of the imprint the plate makes on a print.  I love that imprint!

Le Coq was done from fellow blogger, Jennifer’s photo of a rooster.  You can see it here.  These are done on approx. 11×17 sheets of paper.


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  1. tommye Says:

    Hi Lauren… have you seen this competition:



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