Where have all the fireflies gone?

Last night we went out to catch lightning bugs (or do you call them fireflies?) to no avail.   I saw a very few in the distance but was never able to get close enough to catch one.  Seems like all the lightning bugs have vanished so I googled it to find out if something has indeed happened to the vast numbers I use to see.

We  might be using too much pest control.  The chemicals can be indiscriminate about what they kill.

Or, we might just have too many lights turned on at night.  The bugs like the dark so they can flash for a potential mate.  Now all the streets are lined with  lights and while it may make some feel safer at night, I prefer the night dark.  – Have you ever noticed the number of lights on in your bedroom when you turn off the lamp?  Between 2 alarm clocks, TV gadgets, and the seldom put away iron,  our room is never pitch black.  I spent the night in my sister’s guest room recently (she lives way out in the country).  She didn’t have a clock in the room and no outdoor lights were on.  I think the darkness of the room was instrumental in a deep satisfying sleep. –  

What has that to do with the butterfly?  Nothing.  But I haven’t seen too many butterflies lately either…

Butterfly is free motion embroidery on water soluble stablizer, approx. 7.5″x6″.


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2 Responses to “Where have all the fireflies gone?”

  1. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    My grandnieces were just visiting and had never seen fireflies before – they had a great time chasing them in my back yard. The butterfly is lovely.

  2. Julia Evatt Says:

    Your thoughts on light and darkness are right on. However, if you want to see lightning bugs “come on a’ my house.” Odin has great fun chasing them (and it probably is darker in my backyard than in yours). The butterfly looks as if he might fly away.

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