Evolution of a Bird (paper sculpture)

Inspired by watching David Attenborough’s “The Life of Birds”,  motivated by the desire to work three dimensionally, and restricted by supplies on hand and the ability of my hands, I set out to create a paper bird.  I was really inspired by some beautiful birds in paper, cloth, felt and maybe even feathers I have seen recently online but David and his birds made great accompaniment as I worked.

This albino crow was done by creating a simple wire armature, tearing paper and tying it to the armature or other bits of paper.  I used a waxed heavy thread bought for bookbinding but I think it is a little too heavy looking.  I switched to cotton quilting thread and started a wren.  Both are torn from inexpensive watercolor paper but I painted the paper I used on the wren.  I probably could have spent more time on depth of color, etc.,  but remember I wanted to work in 3D so I hurriedly covered the paper in watercolor already on my palette.

I have discovered  my fingers lack the dexterity to tie knots anymore.  (Where did it go?  Is it a sure sign of aging?!!!!)  So I gave up on the thread and knot tying and returned to the much easier task of applying glue with a paintbrush.  I can still hold a paintbrush.  Heaven help me if I ever lose that!

The crow is 5″ tall and 11″ long.  The wren is 6.5″ to tip of its tail and 6.5″ tall.


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4 Responses to “Evolution of a Bird (paper sculpture)”

  1. Joan Baragar Says:

    love them. It is not your age. They just don’t make thread like they used to.

  2. Mary Says:

    These are just wonderful! Your birds are always so lively. Just amazing! Monet had his assistant tie the brushes to his hands at the end. The will to create never dies!

  3. Ann Says:

    Wow, they are so beautiful. I love birds and stunned at how much character you have given them. I’ve just bought the emag and looking forward to your article!

  4. Marylea Remkus Says:


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