fabric as verse

After reading the last post,  my extraordinarily talented Mother sent me a verse she wrote years ago.  Read it aloud.  Great iambic pentameter.  I am proud of my mother and her accomplishments.  And I am proud I remember what iambic pentameter is.




Dimity, denim, gray gabardine,

Mackinaw, madras, loud tattersall—

Make Sarah a dress to wear to the ball.


Taffeta, terry, herringbone, tweed,

Wrap her in velvet, whatever you need,

Paisley, percale, or Pima broadcloth,

Pick any fabric, cut a wide swathe.


Organdy, pongee, silk or sateen,

Moire or muslin, faille or nankeen,

Poplin, pique, mohair or lamé,

Burlap, brocade, batiste or bouclé—


Bias-cut, pucker, featherstitch, dart,

Thread all your needles, practice your art,

Make Sarah a garment of sackcloth or lace,

Make it of scarlet or make it of puce—


Cover her up from her head to her toe,

Let her dance with a partner she never can know—

Her true love has left her to dance in her shame—

Her true love has given another his name.


Julia Evatt, Jan. 27, 2002


I did ask her why she gave this verse a “sad ending”.  She didn’t answer me, maybe she will tell us.  Julia???



One Response to “fabric as verse”

  1. Brenda Holmes Says:

    Aunt Katherine does have a gift for verse!!

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