Do you know what linsey-woolsey is?

Working on fabric I bought several years ago, I stitched a crow using free motion machine embroidery.  I thought it would make a great pillow but when I placed it on my pillow form, it looked boring.  So I pulled out a needle and thread and started making French knots.  There are a lot more dots that don’t show up in this scan. It still may not be exactly what I wanted but it is growing on me.  Now to make it into a pillow.

I was curious what this cloth is.  I don’t know that I was aware of what it was when I bought it, I bought it cheap!  It feels like cotton, is very heavy and has a loose plain weave. I went searching for a name for this fabric.  I know some fabrics like batiste, broadcloth and buckram from my days working for Singer Fabric store at Cumberland Mall (did you even know that Singer sold fabric along with sewing machines?) way back when I was college, but I had no idea that there were as many different classifications of fabric as there are.  Here is one site with a long list but it doesn’t have pictures.  Any ideas what mine might be?


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2 Responses to “Do you know what linsey-woolsey is?”

  1. Julia Evatt Says:

    I love your crow. He looks three dimensional. I always thought linsey woolsey was a combination of wool and linen, but I don’t know. Look at your e-mail–I’m trying to send you a poem made almost entirely of names of fabric. Mom

  2. fabric as verse « Lauren Finley's Blog Says:

    […] Lauren Finley's Blog Just another weblog « Do you know what linsey-woolsey is? […]

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