Tonight, I forced myself to draw.  Didn’t really want to, wanted to go lay down and read but I chose an old picture and drew instead.  This is the product of my evening’s work.  It is a mother and her three daughters.  I would say it is my mother and her three daughters but it doesn’t look like us yet.  This is one of two family photos that are superb in composition with no help from me.  I am guessing my grandfather took this one, the other one must have been taken by my father.  When the drawing or final artwork ( I am thinking fiber art)  more closely matches the photo, I may show it to you.

There are a lot of hands and feet in this image.




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3 Responses to “sketchy”

  1. Joseph Le Says:

    This sketch has such a loving old-skool feel to it, I am hoping to see finalized on threads.

  2. Julia Evatt Says:

    I think it looks just like your mother and her beautiful daughters. And your Daddy took this picture–as I remember, we were somewhere on the coast–maybe near Nag’s Head? See, your Dad was artistic too!

  3. Patti Evatt Long Says:


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