admitting defeat

The little wrens are not going to make it to the quilt show.  I’ve tried and tried and kept on working long past the point that I think I should give up (you know, that point where you think it will never work out and your life would be better off if you just threw it all in the trash).  I finished it up to the point of putting on binding, but…no matter what I do to it, I just don’t like it.  Shame, because I really like the little color pencil drawing.

I am showing it to you anyway.

I think it may look nice cut up and made into pillows…

I looked at the info for the quilt show again and see that my deadline wasn’t the 10th but the 15th!   I sat at the sewing machine last night determined I would have something to enter even if it just remotely resembled a quilt.  (Guidelines state that a quilt has 3 layers and is held together with some form of stitching.)  I pulled out those cabinet cards that had gone thru the fire (see here for explanation ) for inspiration.  I found this gentleman, he looks so handsome and distinguished, doesn’t he?  Sadly, I have no idea who he is so I may just make up a story for him.  I stitched his image on a small “quilt.”  Still needs binding but I think I will enter this.  What do you think?

I can see in comparison of the two on the screen that I may tweak it a bit, after all, I have 4 more days!  Here is the original cabinet card.


Thanks for compliments on the bird quilt.  I feel I need to expound my comment about just not liking it.  I think there are some good parts to the quilt but mostly, I didn’t succeed in getting the feel that the little sketch had.  There is not enough depth in the quilt that I had in the sketch.  I didn’t capture what I really wanted to capture, hence, it is not a success to my eyes.

Regarding you persuasive comments to enter the quilt anyway, I have heard you should not show work if you don’t consider it your best work.  Although I did my best in the quilt, I think with practice and trial and error, I can make it better or closer to what I want anyway. I do really like the quilting pattern and you will see that in the future!  Something gained from the effort!


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7 Responses to “admitting defeat”

  1. Bonni Says:

    So, what’s exactly wrong with the bird quilt? Looks good to me. Remember….there are no quilt police :o)

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    I agree with the last comment. I don’t see what you dislike so much. Certainly you’re not ashamed of it? I think you should enter it and also the new one. Your stitching of portraits is quite impressive.

  3. Mary Says:

    Don’t deny the poor little wrens! I think they’re wonderful.

  4. Julia Evatt Says:

    Why not enter them both? I’ve found that when I’ve had to enter more than one poem for publication, it was usually the one I liked least that made it into print. We’re not always the best judge of our own work. Listen to your mother!

  5. Joan Baragar Says:

    love the man.
    love the birds without the top dark part. how does that look lighter?

  6. Rose Says:

    If you don’t like your wren quilt, I’ll gladly give it a place of honor on one of my walls. 😉 It may not be what you envisioned, but I really like it.

  7. Sandra Bryan Says:

    Great quilts. I wish I could do that! Can you share how you did do the man quilt? I have some old black and white pictures of my Mother and I and think your process is how I want to do my quilt. And I just came across your site and haven’t had a chance yet to see everything. Sandy

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