Update on the art quilt.  After my last post and the great encouragement I received from you, I feel I should say that I knew I could do the quilt because it is rather small, 18″ x 36″ and I know I work best with a deadline.   I thought I would show you my progress thus far.  It doesn’t have quite the ethereal feel I want and I don’t know that I am able to get it but I intend to  try.  Perhaps the back ground needs to be less varied in value but too late for that.  Oh well.  Suzannah said it looks great so I am happy even if it doesn’t match the image in my head or my sketch from the previous post!

The birds have stitching done to blend the fabrics.  I decided to stitch first and quilt later.  That way the images will project rather than receed.  At least I hope that is how it turns out.

I worked at Singer retail store in the early 80’s while I was in college.  I remember making a bird, some sort of crane I think.  I used raw edge applique (like the birds above) and then I created a trupunto effect by stuffing the feathers.  The store hung this piece for a while and I took it home when I quit.  I wish I knew where that piece was;  I bet it is very similar to what I am doing here (although I am still debating on the trupunto).


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5 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Carol Says:

    Oh Lauren, it is so beautiful. You have captured the attitude of the little wrens- my favorite little bird. I love the background variation and the way the birds and limbs stand out. It is a winner with me, too. Let us know how it goes- I’m anxious to know. Good luck!

  2. Joan Baragar Says:

    I love it. can’t wait to see the end result. Your pallet is wonderful

  3. Karen Owen Says:

    I think it is beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing where you finally take it.

  4. Mary Says:

    Truly awesome! I like the background. Wrens don’t hang out in the open, so the varied landscape of the background is perfect!

  5. Julia Evatt Says:

    Listen to your daughter–she’s (usually) right. You’re quilt is beautiful. When you finish, may I buy one-time rights to reproduce as a cover (on-line only) to my writing group’s newsletter, properly credited (read bragged about), of course. Julia

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