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June 29, 2011

Tonight, I forced myself to draw.  Didn’t really want to, wanted to go lay down and read but I chose an old picture and drew instead.  This is the product of my evening’s work.  It is a mother and her three daughters.  I would say it is my mother and her three daughters but it doesn’t look like us yet.  This is one of two family photos that are superb in composition with no help from me.  I am guessing my grandfather took this one, the other one must have been taken by my father.  When the drawing or final artwork ( I am thinking fiber art)  more closely matches the photo, I may show it to you.

There are a lot of hands and feet in this image.



a plug for architecture

June 28, 2011

I have been busy at architecture for the last couple of weeks and haven’t produced anything to share with you.  I apologize if you have looked only to see the same post pop up continually.  I am always a bit disappointed when I head over to someone’s blog and I have already read the latest.  (How happy I would be to think you may feel that way about my blog!!!)  I still have no art artwork but I do have architecture artwork to show you.  Here is a building of 4 townhouses that construction should (hopefully) start soon.

Here is the same building footprint with changes made to the roof and porches to create a totally different look.

Which version do you like better?

It is nice to have some of this kind of work.  Designing a building plan and elevations can be a lot of  fun.  It’s a challenge fitting all the elements together and making it work.  An upcoming high school senior came by the office today to see if architecture might be a direction he wants to take.  You might not make much money, but it can be rewarding to see a creation the size of a house (or 4 as the case may be) of yours come to life.

These drawings are the copyright property of Peek Design Group.  If they inspire you to want to build your dream home, let me know.  We are good at this!

paper blooms

June 20, 2011

Paper flowers.  What’s not to love?  Seems they are very popular when you look at crafty and pretty things blogs.  I am amazed by some of the creations paper artists are making.  Here are my flowers.

Roses made from coffee filters, painted with watercolor found on Martha Stewart here.  I dipped the two in front in wax, the ones in the back were not.  They are all starting to show their age, I did these 2 or 3 years ago.  They are the most time consuming of these flowers but have the most realistic look.  I need to make more.

These rolled paper roses are on several websites,  go here for one site.  I made these last night.  Told my husband they were for Father’s day and it gave me an excuse to leave the kitchen.  These are made from cardstock (it was handy), but I have done a few since then that are in very thin paper and they look more realistic.  I think these look very cartoonish, a style I happen to love.

More of the same, these are from  scrap-booking paper.  It was one sided paper, I think two sided paper looks better.

The flowers at the top I did a couple of years ago.  I love pulling them out during the summer, they seems so airy.  I found the  instructions at CraftStylish.

summertime and the livin’ is…

June 17, 2011

The last couple of weeks have been filled with a variety of activities.  I have been trying to finish a t-shirt quilt for Deborah using her sorority shirts.  This is the biggest quilt I have ever made and quilting it on my little machine is not an easy task.  All that is left now is binding it (and knotting some thread ends) and she will have it!  I think it is turning out lovely.  Soon I can get my dining room back to normal and put up the extra tables!

Then I had vacation Bible school.  The group is small but the kids are so cute.  They are a lot of fun to work with.  This year the adults came to arts and crafts.  There is a difference in children attempting art and adults attempting art.  Adults start off with “I’ll never be able to do that!!!”  Kids don’t.  There is a lesson in there…

Here are a couple of cityscapes (our theme was The Big Apple).  The idea was based on this creative young man’s  blog here.   If you have preschoolers, you should bookmark that page.

We also put together a paper craft taxi cab.  Here is the traffic jam one class created.  I drew this pattern based on cars available over the internet.  Search the web for paper models or card models.  It is amazing what is available at your fingertips (if you have a computer, internet service, printer and ink).

And lastly,  I have had some architectural work to do.  Designing town homes in the low country.  Glad to see  some development starting up.  This project is small though, my work will soon be done.  There are still a lot of people whose livelihood is based on development and while the market is down, the struggle goes on, at least here in Georgia.

admitting defeat

June 11, 2011

The little wrens are not going to make it to the quilt show.  I’ve tried and tried and kept on working long past the point that I think I should give up (you know, that point where you think it will never work out and your life would be better off if you just threw it all in the trash).  I finished it up to the point of putting on binding, but…no matter what I do to it, I just don’t like it.  Shame, because I really like the little color pencil drawing.

I am showing it to you anyway.

I think it may look nice cut up and made into pillows…

I looked at the info for the quilt show again and see that my deadline wasn’t the 10th but the 15th!   I sat at the sewing machine last night determined I would have something to enter even if it just remotely resembled a quilt.  (Guidelines state that a quilt has 3 layers and is held together with some form of stitching.)  I pulled out those cabinet cards that had gone thru the fire (see here for explanation ) for inspiration.  I found this gentleman, he looks so handsome and distinguished, doesn’t he?  Sadly, I have no idea who he is so I may just make up a story for him.  I stitched his image on a small “quilt.”  Still needs binding but I think I will enter this.  What do you think?

I can see in comparison of the two on the screen that I may tweak it a bit, after all, I have 4 more days!  Here is the original cabinet card.


Thanks for compliments on the bird quilt.  I feel I need to expound my comment about just not liking it.  I think there are some good parts to the quilt but mostly, I didn’t succeed in getting the feel that the little sketch had.  There is not enough depth in the quilt that I had in the sketch.  I didn’t capture what I really wanted to capture, hence, it is not a success to my eyes.

Regarding you persuasive comments to enter the quilt anyway, I have heard you should not show work if you don’t consider it your best work.  Although I did my best in the quilt, I think with practice and trial and error, I can make it better or closer to what I want anyway. I do really like the quilting pattern and you will see that in the future!  Something gained from the effort!


June 3, 2011

Update on the art quilt.  After my last post and the great encouragement I received from you, I feel I should say that I knew I could do the quilt because it is rather small, 18″ x 36″ and I know I work best with a deadline.   I thought I would show you my progress thus far.  It doesn’t have quite the ethereal feel I want and I don’t know that I am able to get it but I intend to  try.  Perhaps the back ground needs to be less varied in value but too late for that.  Oh well.  Suzannah said it looks great so I am happy even if it doesn’t match the image in my head or my sketch from the previous post!

The birds have stitching done to blend the fabrics.  I decided to stitch first and quilt later.  That way the images will project rather than receed.  At least I hope that is how it turns out.

I worked at Singer retail store in the early 80’s while I was in college.  I remember making a bird, some sort of crane I think.  I used raw edge applique (like the birds above) and then I created a trupunto effect by stuffing the feathers.  The store hung this piece for a while and I took it home when I quit.  I wish I knew where that piece was;  I bet it is very similar to what I am doing here (although I am still debating on the trupunto).