Here Comes the Bride…

‘Tis the season of weddings.  And someone pointed out to me over the weekend while attending a wedding that flowers are most numerous now.  Is this the reason brides choose this time of year?  I myself had a June wedding many years ago.  Funny thing about the flowers at my ceremony, I never saw them.  Other than what I had in my hands of course.  And they didn’t show up in any of the photographs (don’t ask).  So, I really have no idea what I paid for.

I was commissioned to create something for a wedding gift recently.  Jennie and I decided to use an engagement photo as reference for the piece.  After gaining permission from the photographer, I created this piece using free motion machine embroidery.

Brides these days many more details in their weddings to fret over  than I did.  The one I attended this weekend was beautiful to the nth degree.   I imagine the wedding of the recipient of the above was designed every bit as beautiful, not to mention the one that took place in London last week.   I have to wonder about the desire and effort and cost that go into making the perfect day.  The rest of your life will not begin to compare but I guess that isn’t a consideration when you are young, in love and experiencing a day about which you’ve always dreamed.   I wonder how far this will go before the pendulum swings the other way and people get  married in the parsonage with 2 attendants and a corsage like my parents did or some variant of it.  Perhaps the longer the economic downturn lasts, the simpler weddings will become.

I have a marrying age daughter but I have been informed that I have no say in how, when and if she marries. I think I will take her up on that.


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4 Responses to “Here Comes the Bride…”

  1. Joan Baragar Says:

    good luck wth that. Love joan

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    What a unique and wonderful gift! I’m sure they will treasure it.

  3. Joseph Le Says:

    OMG that image is beautiful and captivating in so many ways. Amazing work !

  4. carol massey Says:

    I don’t remember much about my first wedding- no pictures. I had a beautiful(at least I thought then) short white lace dress with a coat- Think Jackie Kennedy. Second wedding pictures of the acutal ceremony, the photographer set up the camera and taped the whole thing of me only- no husband. It was truly carol’s wedding. Funny how things happen.

    Loved the kissing couple surrounded by the trees- it is beautiful and I am sure it will be cherished.

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