Read thru to the end!

I have just opened an Etsy shop!  Well, I opened it a long time ago but have just listed items for sell!  Now if I can figure out how to create a link or button on this page to it, I will be all set.  I called the shop The Disarranged Studio after the blog.  The name comes from the utter chaos my studio is ALWAYS in.  It’s not that I cannot keep it clean, I can’t even manage to get it clean.  Not enough space when you dabble in all the stuff I do.  BUT, I am trying.

I digress though… I am the world’s worse self promoter but will place items in the shop occasionally, so take a look.   If I can figure out this button stuff.

A couple of weeks ago, the First Friday Art Group gathered to play.  Mary Ann Clayton showed us how to make these wonderful creations from generic Barbie dolls.  So much fun and so creative of her!


a very big congratulation to my clever and talented son, John Lewis Taylor Finley, who graduated from the University of Georgia last night.  It was the culmination of two great days. Thursday, when he accepted his congratulations from the Grady School.  Thursday night at the GradyFest where we were treated to viewings of the best of the video productions Grady students created and the award ceremony afterwards. (Four productions Taylor worked on in various ways were viewed including the top award winner SCOPE.)   And Friday night when the (seemed like) thousands of graduating students from UGA all sat on the field at Sanford Stadium and accepted their addresses and accolades.  With these young people going forth, I think the world might just turn out okay after all!


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One Response to “Read thru to the end!”

  1. Mary Says:

    Congratulations on the graduation! Big day for graduate and parents! And congratulations on your Etsy shop. The tea towels are just lovely!

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