long, hot spring nights

Each year as the spring temperatures rise, I sweat profusely and sleep fitfully determined to keep the air conditioner off and the windows opened until the first of June.  Each year this gets harder with global warming and menopausal hormones.  So last night in an effort to keep cool, I sketched and painted  in a new journal with the lights out using a little travel set of Winsor Newton pan watercolors.  Didn’t want those bulbs to heat up my studio space*.  Good thing the sun is staying  up longer these days.

Here are my sketches-

a kookaburra,

a parrot,

and a rhino beetle!  Do you know that rhino beetles are pets in parts of Asia according to Wikipedia?  That might be one pet I would mount after its death.

* I have switched the bulbs to fluorescent ones before but the supposed long long life span is only about a month in my fixtures.  Anyone know why?


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3 Responses to “long, hot spring nights”

  1. Karen Owen Says:

    Good luck with not turning on the air. Ours has been broken, but it was fixed yesterday. Thank goodness! Today it is already 80 degrees outside by 10 a.m. Love your watercolor sketches.

  2. Ken Says:

    These turned out great.

  3. Joan Baragar Says:

    we who hate air conditioning have it on and it feels good. My studio is always cool.
    bulbs? out of balance, old fixtures. out of ideas. love the birds and bugs. when are you teaching us that theckneak?

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