Anyone know the Academy of Motion Pictures number?

Bragging Mom here.  (I prefer Mommy but it really embarrasses my 22 and 25 year old children to have to call me Mommy.)  My son, Taylor (the 22 year old) is about to graduate from the University of Georgia, Grady School of Journalism, with a degree in communications.  His final project is an 11 or 12 minute movie (done in conjunction with another student and a lot of volunteer help) but his most recent contribution to it, is the trailer you can watch here.  He has always been creative with a camera, when he was about 12, he filmed the dog with the camera looking up at her.  This isn’t easy when the dog is a beagle and stood about 16″ or 17″ off the floor.

Enjoy the show…. (or at least the trailer)!


2 Responses to “Anyone know the Academy of Motion Pictures number?”

  1. Mary Says:

    Awesome! You have every reason to be proud! Will you share the link to the movie once it’s available on YouTube?

  2. Julia Evatt Says:

    Whee! I had no idea–can’t wait to see more. After all, I’m his Grandmom(my). Thanks for sharing.

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