playing with colored pencils

A while back I bought a book by Carla Sonheim called Drawing Lab.  I then watched a video of her doing a couple of exercises on an Etsy workshop.  It inspired me to draw just for fun because she sure looked like she  was having fun.  Here are the results…

a Picasso dog following her draw, turn 90 degrees, draw, turn 90 degrees….  then color.

Blind contour, then embellishing the linework and colored, of my nephew, Daniel.  He, his mother and I had a great evening playing with these techniques.

Blind contour of Daniel’s dog.  I love the line that is created in this.  It may be my favorite.

a contour drawing (this time I looked) of a woman from an old photograph.  This time, I did not pick up the pen but tried to make the drawing one continuous line.  That is actually the case for all these but I admit, I sometimes picked up my pen and then when I was finished, I was  guilty of going back into the drawing and adding and adjusting.  But, hey, it is for fun!  I can break rules all I like!

Miss Marple, done from putting the dvd on pause….  I loved this Miss Marple, sorry she isn’t making them anymore.

Berry College…

This is the way most of the contour drawings looked before I went back into them with line variations and color.  It is a little difficult to worry about proportion and perspective when you don’t pick up your pen from the paper.  I like the whimsy of these drawings.  Especially since I am usually so tight and precise with architecture considering my background….

An owl and a

Bird and nest!  No pussycats as yet.  These last two were developed into free motion machine embroidery.    I spent a little more time on them watching where my pen was (but still trying not to pick it up)  in relationship to the image I was drawing.  These really do develop your drawing skills.  But enough scans for the day!  I will show you the embroidery later.


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3 Responses to “playing with colored pencils”

  1. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    fun darawings; and, I liked Geraldine McEwan’s Miss Marple the best, too.

  2. Julie W Says:

    Your work is superb, better than Sonheim…
    They’re all outstanding, but Marple is so soft and emotiive.

  3. Monika Kinner-Whalen Says:

    mmm! love to see your sketchbooks! That’s something I don’t do enough. lovely!
    sewing in Saskatoon

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