Untitled is the title

I have such a hard time coming up with names for my artwork.  I am not literate enough to see references to great characters to name my images after… I have to ask who was that  mythological god or goddess who did such and such…I don’t see symbolism in things…

Perhaps I should think of a title first and work toward that.

Anyway, my latest untitled woman is below.  When I first started doing this, I found faces to look funny in thread but I like this one.  I especially like her nose.  There is just enough color/value variation to carry it off.

So, you more learned friends out there…suggest a name for her, please.


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5 Responses to “Untitled is the title”

  1. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    Friends called her Tilly when she was a girl, but when she went into service at fourteen, Mrs Shaw, the Housekeeper, had said that Tilda wasn’t a proper name for a kitchenmaid and she would have to answer to Mary.

    Exhausted by long days spent scrubbing and tending to the needs of others, at night while she slept, she dreamed of another life and a girl named, Tilly.

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    She has such a beautiful yet forlorn face so I am thinking of tragic heroines such as Dido, Isolde or Ophelia. I see what you mean about the nose – great work.

  3. Joan Baragar Says:


  4. Joanne Thieme Huffman Says:


  5. bonni Says:

    Beautiful, Lauren…exquisite, even! How about Bella or Sophia?

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